327 performance rebuild kit

Tim Moore started this buildup with a set of Keith Black hypereutectic pistons that set the compression at a very streetable 9. The KB pistons allowed Moore to run a fairly tight piston-to-wall clearance for quiet street operation. The key to this stout inch Mouse is the Comp Cams hydraulic-roller cam and kit. This is the retrofit K-kit that comes with the cam, lifters, pushrods, springs, retainers, keepers, timing set, and a nylon cam button.

Moore ground the stock steel small-journal crank and rebuilt the rods using ARP rod bolts. Here he uses an ARP rod bolt stretch gauge to accurately torque the rods to the spec of 0.

This is the only right way to torque rod bolts. Proper installation of the roller cam requires a cam button to prevent cam walk, which retards the ignition timing. The button uses several washers to set the proper end clearance. Moore set the thrust clearance at 0. The retrofit Comp Cams hydraulic-roller lifters come with tie-bars that prevent the lifters from rotating in the bore. These also require shorter pushrods because of the taller lifter body. Moore used Manley Street-Flo stainless steel 2.

The carb is an original Chevy vacuum-secondary unit that Moore rebuilt. Moore Auto sells a special heavy-duty alternator mount arrow that bolts to the header and uses the stock alternator bracket. The headers are DynoMax ceramic-coated headers. The black Moroso Blue Max wires look almost stock but are much better.

We took lista n. 1 brindisi luciano mennuni michele little ci small-block out to Westech Performance, bolted it on the Super Flow dyno, and surprised everyone with a solid hp at 5, rpm and lb-ft at 4, rpm. Not only did Moore machine the heads for larger-diameter springs, but he also added ARP screw-in studs, Manley valves and guideplates, and a set of Comp Cams Pro Magnum roller 1.

Back then, big-blocks were exotic beasts that only the affluent enthusiast could afford.See all 17 photos. Orlando, Florida, is home to one of the most iconic and recognized destinations on the planet: Disneyworld. But not all travelers venture south in the dead of winter to visit Tomorrowland or the Epcot Center. Just after Thanksgiving each year, those of us fortunate enough head to Orlando for a different E-ticket ride.

It was at this convention in December that our small-cube small-block project was born. In a side room, a group of interested parties, myself included, joined together to hear our friend, Ed Zinke, announce that the rules for the Engine Masters Challenge had been finalized. We immediately tore into the rulebook, eagerly looking at changes and building mental images of the combinations that we thought would rule the world. Me and my crew from Revolutionary Performance and Machine spent countless hours contemplating how we could make big power and torque with a We had to break it down to the basics, and go from there.

The trick to going fast and performing well at the EMC is to make tons of torque, and spread it out over a wide rpm range. As horsepower is literally just a mathematical function of torque and rpm, and cannot be measured, it should make sense that we focus on torque here. It sounds like a very basic explanation, and it is. Sure, there are other factors, like reducing friction and thermal efficiency, etc. Having decided to build a. AFR's ace head designer, Tony Mamo, recently redesigned the Eliminator heads, and included a swirl-inducing wing on the back side of the intake guide.

Watch This Build & Dyno Test of a 1966 Chevrolet L79 327 V-8

I had seen these designs on several race heads, but had yet to see whether it would help or hinder the performance of the engine, so I ordered a set of the Competition-ported heads, and we had our first seed part.

We dissected the heads as soon as they arrived at our doorstep, and were quite pleased with the new design features. The reduced reciprocating mass of the valves allowed us to use a lower spring pressure than we would normally have to. This would keep the valves in control with the extremely aggressive cam lobes we had in our plans.

Naturally, we put the heads on the flow bench to see how they performed in out-of-the-box condition. They put up good numbers on our Superflow SF flow bench, peaking at cfm on the intake, and cfm on the exhaust without a pipe at.

Knowing that the advertised numbers were slightly higher than what we saw, we did a quick cartridge roll cleanup of the runners, and saw an immediate increase to cfm intake, and cfm exhaust. This increase is more than likely due to the removal of a small parting line on the short-side radius commonly created on CNC-ported heads where the cutting tool changes from cutting down through the valve side of the head, over to the runner entry side of the head.

Newer versions of the heads are said to have greatly reduced these transition lines. The intake runners actually measured a hair less than the cc advertised volume, but with a mere cubic inches to feed, we felt that making the runners smaller would aid in increasing the port velocity and getting the runners working sooner in the rpm range.

Globs of Splash Zone marine epoxy aka green death-wear a respirator when porting! The legendary Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold was given the same treatment in a mirror image with the runners gradually tapering to the as-cast sizing at the runner entries. To take full advantage of the large airflow potential when running this small-cube engine, we consulted with Chris Mays at Comp Cams, who ground us a couple of small-duration solid flat-tappet cams to try with the most aggressive opening rates possible for a Chevy lifter.High performance Icon Chevy forged pistons are premium quality pistons that are available for a very reasonable price.

We have both flat top and dome pistons. These forged piston sets available in a wide range of sizes including standard bore and many popular oversizes. If you are building a Chevrolet engine and are looking for improved acceleration, efficiency and strength then these pistons are the perfect choice for many applications.

These pistons can be used in high performance street cars, serious street and strip cars as well as dedicated racing engines. While you are replacing your engine pistons it is a good time to also upgrade your rotating assembly by installing modern connecting rods. Molnar Technologies H Beam rods are machined from billet steel, and then heat treated to provide improved strength.

To make the rods even stronger, they are shot peened to which also increases fatigue life. All Molnar connecting rods are fitted with highly durable premium bronze bushings for use with floating pin type pistons. Each rod set includes ARP fasteners, moly lubricant and installation guidelines.

NOTE : Be sure to select the connecting rod set to match the rod journal size of the crankshaft you will be installing these rods on. Shop By Brand. Performance Parts. Need Help? Shop By Vehicle. Icon Chevy Pistons Forged Chevy Pistons High performance Icon Chevy forged pistons are premium quality pistons that are available for a very reasonable price. Chevrolet Engine Specs For reference the original stock specifications were: Engine block deck height 9. Icon Pistons Specs Stroke These pistons are for use with a 3.

Use with 5. Chevy Dome Pistons for use with 6. Use with 6. Chevrolet Dome Top Pistons for use with 6. Chevy High Compression Dome Pistons for use with 6.See all 28 photos.

Bynew Corvette buyers fell into two distinct groups: the hands-on set and the showboaters. A key determinant was the engine option they chose. The hands-on guys tended to be weekend warriors who loved resetting valve lash after a day at the track. They pointed with pride to the 8,rpm tachometers and 6,rpm redlines in their cars. The other group preferred clean hands and ordered engines from the bottom half of the Corvette option sheet.

GM Chevy 327 5.4 Master Engine Rebuild Kit 1962-1967 Small Journal

Here, hydraulic cams ruled and tach faces only read to 6, rpm, redlines to 5, But that changed in With hp at 5, rpm, the L79 was only 15 hp shy of the hottest carburetedthe L76 with hp at 6, rpm.

And with lb-ft of torque at 3, rpm, the L79 actually had 10 lb-ft more torque than the L The groundbreaking aspect of the new L79 was the hydraulic cam.

With its oil-filled, multipiece lifters aka tappetsthe L79 didn't require the frequent valve lash adjustment of its more potent big brothers. But the L79 was no cheap imitation. Aside from the "juice" cam, it was a mechanical copy of the Corvette's L76 and shared the same forged The L79's cam lift specs checked in at 0.

Overlap and duration were also somewhat relaxed. Another L79 first was the ability to accommodate factory C60 air conditioning. This undoubtedly torpedoed a lot of would-be sales. But thanks to a milder hydraulic cam and free-breathing heads and induction, L79 buyers could indulge in the wonders of Frigidaire—and did. Also scattered into the mix were six Chevy IIs and perhaps a handful of Camaros packing the deceptively potent L In most non-Corvette applications, marketing concerns shuffled the L79 to hp despite the retention of all major mechanical details.

327 performance rebuild kit

What is assured is that GM built 49, Lpowered vehicles during the four-year production run For fascinating info on rare combinations and helpful facts and trivia, check out the L79 Registry l79registry.

There you can read about oddball L79 installations with three-speed manual transmissions, four-door body styles, and more. Now let's follow the team at R. Auto Machine in Ludlow, Massachusetts, as it revives and dyno tests a nearly stock Corvette L79 powerplant. Will it deliver on its promise of hp? And what impact will a set of headers have on things? Steve Magnante Author.

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327 performance rebuild kit

What is this? Engine Re-Ring, Moly, 4. Main, Chevy,Kit. Loading Tomorrow Estimated International Date Bore, Standard Rod, Chevy,Kit. Rod, Chevy,Kit. Bore, Standard Rod. Low Price Guarantee.

327 performance rebuild kit

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Revolutionary Performance & Machine's 327 Small-Block Chevy- It's A Small, Small World

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327 performance rebuild kit

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Beat-a-Price Guarantee Details.Chevrolet manufactured the cubic inch, or "CI," V-8 engine from to It was used in standard-performance cars and trucks as well as in the high-performance Corvette. Based on the same block platform as all other first-generation small block engines, its displacement was achieved by expanding the cylinder bore to 4.

It was rated as high as horsepower and Corvettes and as low as hp and Small block parts interchangeability makes the build very similar to all other SBC builds. Locate or purchase a core CI engine. While they were popular engines and remained in use well into the s, it is unlikely that many are available in salvage yards. As an alternative to that, a new crankshaft can be purchased with the proper bearing journal sizes and 3.

Take the engine block and major components to an engine machine shop for cleaning and inspection. If undamaged and suitable for rebuilding, the block can be prepared for re-assembly.

If the cylinders require machining, the displacement will increase to as much as CI, assuming a. Instruct the machinist to inspect the cylinder heads, crankshaft, connecting rods and pistons. Have the heads reconditioned with a performance valve-job and replace any defective parts. The rotating assembly crank, rods and pistons need to meet exacting tolerances. Have the machinist inspect and recondition, as needed. Upon completion of the machine work, clean all engine parts a final time with hot, soapy water and dry thoroughly.

Spray or wipe all machined surfaces with oil or other rust-inhibiting solutions. Paint the exterior of the engine block and heads. Attach the engine to an engine stand and rotate it upside down. Install the main bearing inserts and coat with a generous amount of oil or assembly lube. Insert the upper front and rear main seals. Set the crankshaft into place carefully and install the main bearing caps. Torque the main cap bolts to the recommended value foot-pounds.

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How to Build an SBC 327 CI Engine

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