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Maa Durga is one of the most favorite Gods in Hinduism. She has been mentioned in the religious scriptures, including Vedas. The Goddess of Power — Maa Durga, is epitmoe of righteousness. According to the devotees, she protects them from all evils and harbors energies of all Gods.

Look for the best Maa Durga collection and make sure to choose the best of all. Durga Puja is celebrated in some states of India with demon slaying Mahishasura. There are many symbolism and festivities related with the Goddess.

According to the legend knowledge, Maa Durga takes form of Chandi for slaying the demon. According to greater popularity of the legend, Maa Durga sits on lion or tiger and slays demon with a trident or spear. Durga Puja is festival of Hindu and it is most celebrated festival of the world. The beginning of Durga Puja is known as awakening of Goddess and shlokas and chants are used for respecting her.

Here you can find the latest Durga Maa wallpapers for your device. Try these wallpapers on your mobile, desktop or social sites in this holy festival. During Navratri festivalpeople worship all the nine forms of Durga Maa for nine days. Goddess Durga is the most prominent form of the Goddess and is known by names like Devi and Shakti also.

Download HD full size Maa Durga wallpaper, Jai Mata Di photos, pictures and beautiful Durga Maa images to spread spirituality through your desktop, mobile, tablet and laptop screen. Browse through the best Navratri images and HD wallpapers free download.

You may download these from our website and share it with your friends and family members across various social networking sites. Navratri festival is holy festival of nine days and it is celebrated twice every year as per the Hindu calendar.

Devotees generally fast for all the nine days or only on first or last day. Click below for Navratri images, wallpapers, messages, wishes for Navratri Sunday, June 12, Jogni maa. Phool jogani mataji other names are-Chhinnamastika Chhinnamasta, Chinnamasta, Chinnamastika - Goddess without a head.

The goddess resident in Chintpurni is also known by this name. According to Markandeya Purana, goddess Chandi defeated the demons after a fierce battle but of her yogini emanations Jaya and Vijaya were still thirsty for more blood. Goddess Chandi cut off her own head to quench Jaya and Vijaya's thirst for more blood.

He is usually shown holding her own severed head in her hand, drinking stream of blood spurting from the arteries in her neck, while at her side are bare yoginis, each of whom drinks another stream of blood. Chhinnamasta, the headless goddess, is the Great Cosmic Power who helps the honest and devoted yogi to dissolve his or her mind, including all the preconceived ideas, attachments and habits in to the Pure Divine Consciousness.

Cutting off the head suggests the separation of the mind from the body, that is the freedom of the consciousness from the material confines of the physical body. This also confirms Chintpurni as the abode of Chhinnamastika Devi. Lakshmi goddess of beauty, fortune and prosperity. Gold coins are said to fall from her hands. He is the Indian Aphrodite; he is the goddess of prosperity, purity, chastity and generosity.

An aura of divine happiness and prosperity always exist around her. He is the Beauty, the Goodness. Durga has a variety of more or lessfearful fo s with different attributes. In her milder fohe is named parvarti the mountain girlUma the light ,Himavati daughter of the himalayaJagamata sister of the world ,and bhavani the goddess of the universe. In her horrible fo he is named durga the inaccessibleKalika or shyama the dark complexionedChandika or chandi the fearfuland bhairavi the horrible.

All the fo s are broadly included within the name devi or maha devi the great goddess. So Who are these Sinful demons like Mahishasur?

Who are the Asuras or Rakshasas? The Asuras are powerful beings, who are against the Devas gods. Originally, in the vedic times, they were another class of gods, perhaps the indigenous deities. By the finish of the Vedic period, however, the Asuras had attained their demonic role. They are demons capabale of assuming the form of animals or humans. They are sinful, powerful creatures that delight in spreading fear, confusion, chaos, and destruction among the humans.

Sometimes they may even be more powerful than the gods. Ramdevpir Ranuja. Santram Maharaj. Umiya Mataji. Labels: Jogni maa. Subscribe to: Posts Atom.Select Filters. Show More. Business Districts. Popular with Tourists. Near Transit Hub s. This destination may have travel restrictions in place. We request you to keep track of the latest government mandated restrictions and plan your travel accordingly. Pink Villa. Based on 3 Ratings and 3 Verified reviews.

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The self-decapitated nude goddess, usually standing or seated on a divine copulating coupleholds her own severed head in one hand and a scimitar in another. Three jets of blood spurt out of her bleeding neck and are drunk by her severed head and two attendants. Chhinnamasta is a goddess of contradictions.

चौसठ जोगणी रे भवानी देवलिये रमजाय भजन लिरिक्स

She symbolises both aspects of Devi: a life-giver and a life-taker. She is considered both a symbol of sexual self-control and an embodiment of sexual energy, depending upon interpretation. She represents death, temporality, and destruction as well as life, immortality, and recreation. Chhinnamasta is worshipped in the Kalikula sect of Shaktismthe Goddess-centric tradition of Hinduism. Though Chhinnamasta enjoys patronage as one of the Mahavidyas, temples devoted to her found mostly in Nepal and eastern India and her public worship are rare.

However, she is a significant Tantric deity, well known and worshipped among esoteric Tantric practitioners. The Hindu Chhinnamasta appears as a significant deity in Tantric and Tibetan Buddhismwhere she is called Chinnamunda "she with the severed head" or Trikaya-vajrayogini "triple-bodied Vajrayogini ".

Chinnamunda is the severed-head form of goddess Vajrayogini or Vajravarahia ferocious form of Vajrayoginiwho is depicted similar to Chhinnamasta. Buddhist texts recount the birth of the Buddhist Chinnamunda.

One tale tells of Krishnacharya 's disciples, two Mahasiddha "great perfected ones" sisters, Mekhala and Kanakhalawho cut their heads, offered them to their guru, and then danced. The goddess Vajrayogini also appeared in this form and danced with them.

Another story recalls how the Mahasiddha princess Lakshminkaracut off her head as a punishment from the king and roamed with it in the city, where citizens extolled her as Chinnamunda-Vajravarahi. He determined that the Hindu Chhinnamasta and the Buddhist Chinnamunda were the same goddess, in spite of the fact that the former wears a serpent as a sacred thread and has an added copulating couple in the icon.

In the Sadhanamalathe goddess is called Sarvabuddha "all-awakened"and is attended by Vajravaironi and Vajravarnini; in the Hindu Tantrasarashe is called Sarvasiddhi "all-accomplished"and is accompanied by attendants Dakini, Vaironi, and Varnini. In the Chhinnamastakalpashe is called Sarvabuddhi "all-enlightened" ; her attendants retain their Buddhist names. Bhattacharyya concluded that the Hindu Chhinnamasta originated from the Buddhist Chinnamunda, who was worshipped by at least the 7th century.

While Bhattacharyya's view is mostly undisputed, [7] [8] [9] [10] some scholars such as S. Hindu literature first mentions Chhinnamasta in the upapurana Shakta Maha-bhagavata Purana c. David Kinsley, an expert on Hindu goddesses and former Professor of Religion at McMaster Universityagrees with the Buddhist origin theory, but sees other influences, too.

Ancient Hindu goddesses, who are depicted nude and headless or faceless, may have also influenced the development of Chhinnamasta. These goddesses are mainly depicted headless to focus on the display of their sexual organs, thus signifying sexual vigour, but they do not explain the self-decapitation theme. Other nude Hindu goddesses who might have inspired Chhinnamasta are the malevolent war goddess Kotavi and the South-Indian hunting goddess Korravai.

Kotavi, sometimes described as a Matrika "mother goddess"is nude, dishevelled, wild, and awful in appearance. She is mentioned in the scriptures Vishnu Purana and Bhagavata Puranaoften as a foe of the god Vishnu.Yogini sometimes spelled jogan is a Sanskrit term for a female master practitioner of yogaas well as a formal term of respect for female Hindu or Buddhist spiritual teachers in Indian subcontinentSoutheast Asia and Greater Tibet.

A Yogini, in some contexts, is the sacred feminine force made incarnate, as an aspect of Parvatiand revered in yogini temples of India as the Eight Matrikas or the Sixty-four Yoginis. In Hinduism, yoginis are women in the Yoga school or in the Gorakshanath -founded Nath Yogi tradition.

Yogini jogan is a term in ancient and medieval texts in HinduismBuddhism and Jainismtypically in the context of and as aspect of Devi. The Devi Sukta of the Rigveda I have created all worlds at my will, without being urged by any higher being, and I dwell within them.

I permeate the earth and heaven, all created entities with my greatness, and dwell in them as eternal and infinite consciousness. Scholars note that some ancient Vedic sages rishis were women. The term yogini has been in use in medieval times to refer to a woman who belongs to the Gorakshanath -founded Nath Yogi tradition. David Lorenzen states that the Nath yogis have been very popular with the rural population in South Asia, with medieval era tales and stories about Nath yogis continuing to be remembered in contemporary times, in the Deccanwestern and northern states of India and in Nepal.

In real life, historical evidence on Yogini Kaulas suggests that the yogini tradition in Hinduism, involving the practice of Yoga philosophy and Tantra, was well established by the 10th century. Sandstone yogini Madhya Pradesh. Pratihara period 9th century. Two images of the Sixty-four Yogini are missing from this temple. The iconographies of the yogini statues in the four yogini temples are not uniform, nor are the yoginis the same in each set of In the Hirapur temple, all the yoginis are depicted with their Vahanas animal vehicles and in standing posture.

In the Ranipur-Jharial temple the yogini images are in dancing posture. In the Bhedaghat temple, the yoginis are seated in lalitasana. Chausathi Jogini Temple, HirapurOdisha The yoginis have recently been venerated with the gift of headscarves.

There is an offering of flowers at the yogini's feet. The Matrikas are often confused with the legendary yoginis, who may number sixty-four or eighty-one. The derivation of 64 yogini from eight Matrikas became a tradition.

By midth century, the connection between yoginis and Matrikas had become common lore. The mandala circle and chakra of yoginis were used alternatively. The 81 yoginis evolve from a group of nine Matrikas, instead of eight. Each Matrika is considered to be a yogini and is associate with eight other yoginis resulting in the troupe of 81 nine times nine.Subscribe for Newsletters and Discounts.

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चौसठ जोगणी रे भवानी देवलिये रमजाय भजन लिरिक्स

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