Coming off trt protocol

Scally and would like to know what others think. This one looks about average from what I have found - not sure about mixing two serms. I would love to know how things go for you if you give it a try. Yes all others are in order. Hopefully I he gets back to me today with something solid to try. The claim to combining the 2 serms is due to how they affect the LH and FSH secretion from the brain a dual threat I guess.

Why is that Shawn aka HardasNails. At the very least I will do the protocol above and post a log of my progress. My biggest if is when to start: at the half life of my test or after it clears my system completely. Most likely you are going to crash if you do not come of to having all the others variables in place. I already suggested what needs to be done and getting in a hurry is only going end getting you back to square one again.

I noted in a email what needs to be done. You can contact gmerit on meso as I just did his evaluation and we found all the factors to why his testosterone levels has been low for so long. I am having a conference call with his dr and prepping his body to come off TRT for a restart. He tried Scallys protocol and crashed and burn.

coming off trt protocol

Now we know why he did not start and found hidden issues that have plaqued him for years. I am also working on several other restarts using the same approach which have had a greater success rate then just throwing stuff at the wall seeing if it sticks. Your trying to build a mansion by having a weak foundation and slapping things together really fast. It might look good for a little bit, but eventually it will crumble. Your looking for short term satisfaction, but not long term gradification.

I just game back from AZ where I restarted a 42 year old guy. He has his life back. He had to make radical changes in his lifestyle, but has his life back. It can take up to 4 months but if all the variables are in place it is well worth it.

I used clomid in majority of restarts, but tamoxofin is also an option.Forum Rules. Anabolic steroids, bodybuilding discussion forums. Remember Me? What's New? Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 25 of Thread: Coming off TRT. Thread Tools. Coming off TRT. I am contemplating the decision to come off testosterone replacement therapy TRT and see if I can't get my levels up naturally.

I'm new to the whole "coming off TRT" thing. Originally Posted by wolfman The thread was moved to the anabolic forum for some fucked up reason. Try a search there. I could be retarded but I can't find this thread, can someone post the link if they have it handy? IMT staff. If i was going to try and stop my testosterone replacement therapy TRT I would def be getting pharmacy grade medications to attempt HPTA normalization. It is also important to get a blood test while on HCG to see if the testes are capable of producing enough testosterone on their own, this should be the deciding factor on wether or not to go forward with SERM treatment.

Just my 2 cents. Email: info increasemyt. I'm due for a blood test anyway, so I'll post the results in this thread Also, which med's would I need to come off? Originally Posted by IMT staff. I would love to help you, because of our liability I can only be real specific with the patients I manage. I can tell you this, if your HCG dose is plentiful, then you will be measuring your max output.Login or Sign Up. Logging in Remember me. Log in. Forgot password or user name?

Coming off of TRT after two years. Posts Latest Activity. Page of 1. Filtered by:. Previous template Next. Hi Docs, I've just finished listening to both of the testosterone podcasts and found them extremely informative!

I did, however, find a lot of the information quite concerning within the context of my own situation. I want to come off of testosterone replacement therapy after being on for two years at only 21 years of age.

Coming off TRT- Defy HPTA Reset Protocol

I started treatment due to a number of symptoms which arose following a testicular torsion surgery I had at I had done minimal research when I had my first appointment with the doctor and trusted his advice that I should start therapy - he was considered a specialist by many online. At this time, I was unaware of the vast amount of malpractice and misinformation spread by TRT providers.

coming off trt protocol

The man was a doctor, I trusted him and had no inclination of potential ulterior motives I. I stayed under that doctors care for a year, and as you can imagine, things did not go well.

He rarely responded to my emails containing blood work updates and the cohort of side effects I was experiencing, and when he did, it was usually a couple of words max. As a result, I had to do extensive research into how to manage a TRT protocol and spent a whole year essentially self medicating.

Overall, I ended up much worse than when I started.Here are the most common mistakes doctors or patients make when starting testosterone replacement therapy TRT :. Does that fit in with your schedule? Or perhaps your doc prescribes gels or creams instead of injectable T. Do you have enough time every day to apply the gel after showering and let it dry? The thing is, the use of testosterone is extremely patient-variable.

Furthermore, a total T reading of might be perfect for one guy, allowing him to reap all the benefits of TRT, but that same level might not be right for you. Dosage and frequency of dosage have to be tweaked and perfected so you get the most you can out of TRT. In other words, they stop manufacturing testosterone. Libido takes the first train out.

Depression and weight gain move in.

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In short, all the good things achieved with TRT reverse or revert. True, your hypogonadal axis usually normalizes in a few weeks to a few months, but it may never normalize if you go cold turkey. Who needs that kind of grief? If you decide to stop taking testosterone for some reason, you need to work with your doctor to do it safely and effectively. Almost all of the potential side effects of TRT therapy are easily manageable, whether they include acne, hair loss, moodiness, or increases in PSA prostate specific antigen or hematocrit.

Knowing how to manage these side effects — if they occur — is crucial to the long-term success of your TRT. After all, no one really wants to trade in one set of problems low libido, low energy, etc.

Only the most competent doctors know how to treat these potential problems without overreacting. Testosterone replacement therapy can change your life. It can make you feel like you did 20 or 30 years ago.

coming off trt protocol

Things like smoking, drinking in excess, being overweight, shortchanging yourself on sleep, not giving a hoot about your blood sugar, and avoiding exercise are not part of a testosterone lifestyle. TRT is a commitment. Forgetting to give yourself an injection or rub gel on yourself after a morning shower is obviously going to give you less than stellar results. Furthermore, forgetting your TRT has its own inherent problems.

If your T levels are high one week and low the next because you forgot to give yourself your injectionyou could potentially have enormous swings in energy and functionality. It would make him feel pale, tired, and cranky — same as you if you miss your dose of T. There are plenty of ways to keep you from forgetting your injection or application schedule. You can fill your calendar ahead of time, use Post-It note, place notes on the fridge, or utilize smart phone apps. Find one that works for you and use it.

A good number of dentists now offer Botox injections. This is what makes TRT both a science and an art. Lastly, you ideally want someone who practices what he preaches, or in this case, what he prescribes. You should also know a little about the potential costs before choosing a physician.

Do a little homework and find the right doctor for you. Your long-term satisfaction will be all the greater. As mentioned above, the number one reason for having less than optimal results with TRT is incorrect dosage. As the body metabolizes testosterone, it converts it to other chemicals like DHT and estradiol, among other things.

Estradiol is itself a metabolite of estrogen, the hormone that makes a woman so, well, womanly. While men need a certain amount of estrogen for vascular health and other things, too much can lead to gynecomastia male breast tissueadditional body fat, and subtle mental changes.

Why Did Jason Blaha Come Off TRT?!!!

Too much estrogen can also, to a certain degree, negate the desired benefits of TRT.Contact Us Advanced Search. Results 1 to 8 of 8. Thread: Coming off TRT and restart protocols. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. I am For health reasons and from going thru a bad batch last year that really three me off. I want to come off and see how I bounce back and reconsider it later in the future after I sort everything out and see how I recover.

I talked to my Dr and he said just go cold turkey pretty much and just taper off. I've seen what that can do to me I understand I'll be lower than when I started but I'm ok with that and want to give it a good try restarting my system.

I've been away from forums for a while but remember a protocol consisting of HCG for about two weeks and clomid thereafter. Where you taking more than what TRT called for to be higher than norm? Is so why not just drop to what TRT dose your supposed to have?

Maybe Im viewing this wrong because I dont produce T due to medical issues and in my thinking you cant restart a system thats already failing. And in my experience being being extremely low is hell. I hated being 31 year old man and feeling like i was going through menopause.

Sent from my LM-V using Tapatalk. Goodluck but if the dr put you on trt years ago than I highly doubt you we be able to reach the low levels that you originally had. If you were truly on TRT for legit reason and proof of blood work, you are not going to be able to raise your test levels up. TRT dose of mg per week will keep your levels at to with no sides at all.

This is something you need to discuss with Dr. I am 55 and been on TRT for 20 years. I tried to stop and tried everything, but my levels plummeted in the range.

Been back on TRT on mg weekly. Just my opinio. Thanks to all for your replies I was taking about mg per week. I just want to get off for a bit see if I can even get in the s until I can find a Dr that will work with me because my primary definately won't and any other Dr that I mention Ive been doing it on my own and still am will look at me very suspicious I'm sure you guys know.

Probably gonna need some hcg if your balls and brain still work. LH and FSH were zilch for me after 4 years of trt. I don't think there is any luck starting that back up again. Though I have heard some guys going through a fertility doctor and getting pumped with high dose HCG to kick start them enough to knock up their wives.

High dose hcgclomidnolva and maybe some aromasin Hard to tell Or just stay on mg test Cyp weeklyhealth should be perfectly fine with trt doses. Has anyone tried this? Replies: 2 Last Post:PM. Replies: 1 Last Post:AM.

Can I restart HCG?Please login or register. Getbig IV Posts: Do i begin HCG now? I also have adex on hand if needed scallys protocol seems to be close, but its ED and I cant tell when to start HCG, last shot of test, etc etc.

Getbig II Posts: Re: coming off TRT, protocol advice? Google the proper Dr scally protocol and run that if you have enough to do so. If not do what your dr has recommended Any reason for coming of trt. Most are on it for a reason. Quote from: triggerhappy on January 13,PM. Getbig IV Gender: Posts: Getbig V Gender: Posts: Quote from: Primemuscle on January 14,PM.

Start with lab work to determine your free and total test levels. If after being off test for a couple of weeks, you're low, you probably should stay on TRT. Worked for a few weeks then back to shit so went back onto trt. Quote from: triggerhappy on January 14,PM. I just had adex on hand and used it when needed.

I think i took half a tab about twice a week. Do I need all that fancy pct? Was just thinking of clomid. Do I really need nolva? Quote from: theworm on January 16,AM. Quote from: Jizmo on January 16,AM. Quote from: theworm on January 17,AM. Did some research on pct and some experts argue against hcg for pct and state it's counter productive Quote from: triggerhappy on January 17,PM.

coming off trt protocol

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Thread starter copacetic25 Start date Sep 17, Go to page: 1 2 Next. I'm considering coming off TRT. I am currently a Defy patient and they have managed my protocol very well, but I just don't feel a huge benefit from TRT a year later even with Test levels going from to I believe my initial issues were Adrenal relates and I have turned that around. I of course will ask my Dr. Last edited by a moderator: Sep 18, ERO Member. See this as well.

Jay Member. ERO, Why throw towel in? Jay said:. Vince Moderator. ERO said:. I dont feel any benefits from TRT either, just like copacetic I have the exact same symptoms now as I had before TRT. Lethargy, low to no libido, unable to make any progress in the gym, unable to recover properly from workouts, etc I too am with Defy and they are great, but I am just throwing money away on treatment that does not work.

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