Fanfic sick fever

But I am. I wanted to try my hand at writing some Pepperony now, since I have such a good time with anything and everything Tony Stark It's gonna end up being pretty short.

Disclaimer: I do not own Iron Man and do profit by doing this. Anything recognizable is not mine. Except the plot of course! Movieverse, takes place between Iron Man 2 and Avengers.

Pepper Potts could honestly say that, in all her years of working for Tony Stark, she'd never seen him quite like this. He was sitting across the way from her in a crowded conference room at a meeting that was teeming with angry foreigners. Pepper had practically had to drag him to this one, pleading with him that there was no chance she'd be able to smooth it over if the genius didn't show up this time.

But she was starting to regret making him come. He looked dazed, worlds away, and frankly, ready to pass out. Not being able to speak to him from her position but with the perfect angle to eye him and try and deduce what the problem was, she studied him anxiously and discreetly.

He was pale, which was unusual, and sweaty though the air conditioning was blasting inside the cramped conference room. His expression was vague and glassy, which Pepper wouldn't have noticed to be a problem if it weren't for how bloodshot they were and framed with dark circles of exhaustion, as Tony frequently took on that very expression during particularly boring meetings.

However, there was something different about the look this time. It looked like he was in physical pain and actually struggling. He was fighting a losing battle within himself, it seemed, by the looks of panic or intense effort and concentration that crossed his face for several fleeting seconds before he was able to regain his self-control and bring back his blank expression.

Across the way, Tony was feeling — there was no better way to put it — absolutely miserable. He had told Pepper he didn't want to come, but she was persistent and so here he was. He was hot, too hot.

The room was too loud and crowded. He had a headache the size of Detroit that he was fairly certain no amount of aspirin would kill, made worse each second thanks to the shouting and babbling in multiple languages that the translators were stubbornly refusing to translate for him. He was feeling lightheaded, as if he couldn't get enough air in his lungs, and it was making him dizzy.

It was certainly good he was sitting down. The room was spinning around him, causing his stomach to lurch painfully, but still he powered through.

He was feeling detached, only coming to his senses when he felt the urge to sneeze or cough.

fanfic sick fever

Those urges he fought off valiantly. He wasn't sick. He couldn't be sick. He didn't get sick. To be sick was to be weak and vulnerable, and Tony Stark was anything but. He tried to concentrate, to master himself. Sitting in the same position was really causing him pain. He felt stiff and sore. All he really wanted to do was go home and curl up in bed to sleep this off, but there was work to be done and sleep was not an option right now.

His head was heavy, and it felt like he was trying to think through a thousand pounds of cotton. Pepper took control of the situation then, as she was well-accustomed to doing.It was a beautiful day in L. A and the three boys—James Diamond, Carlos Garcia, and Logan Mitchell—were at the studio recording some new songs for their album. They currently were recording the song "Oh Yeah". When they finished the last part, their producer—Gustavo Rocque—said, "That wasn't… bad, but it wasn't good either.

You work for me Now, let's—". When it came Kendall's time for his high note in "Oh Yeah", he was nervous, but attempted to do it anyway, and succeeded in doing so. After the song, everyone cheered because it was good and the fact that Kendall could hit high notes again was even better.

Gustavo and Kelly left the room. I'm just glad to be back to being my healthy self again. Logan placed a hand to Kendall's forehead. When we go up to the apartment, I'm gonna take your temperature, all right? They all went up to 2J, James carrying an unconscious Kendall in his arms. They burst through the door of 2J. Knight greeted the boys and her eyes fell on the blonde boy in James's arms.

I'm gonna check if he has a fever. James, go get me the thermometer. She placed it in his mouth and waited for it to beep. When it did, she took it out. Kendall opened his eyes slowly to be met by his friends and mom. He fell to his knees and threw up his dinner from the night before and his breakfast. Knight and the guys came in to comfort him. He just hugged his mom tight and cried. Kendall did not like being sick. Logan rinsed a washcloth, handed it to her, and she wiped the excess puke from his mouth.

My tummy hurts! She didn't like seeing her son sick, considering the fact that he rarely gets sickWhile we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation!

Assorted whumptober prompts I think from or bc I cant read!! Ranging from words to 1k or 2k! Mostly Giorno, some Abba, Nara, ect, ect. Sam is depressed after Jessica's death and basically shuts down, even from Dean for a while. Dean is coming down with something, but he doesn't want to share that with his brother.

So, he just tries to fight through it until he can't hide it any longer and he has to rely on Sam to take care of him. What it says on the tin. These are Whumptober fills. I'm going to see how many of these I can do. I feel like I've been training my whole life for this. Jon had never been good at looking after themself.

It had long since become a habit to simply ignore the fact they were sick or hurt. Their friends, however, take issue with this. One-shots about Clara and Lena's lives inside of Erebor that didn't make the cut in the big story. Lena gets sick her first winter in Erebor 2.

Clara gets migraines during the storm season. On a night of tragic endings and new beginnings, two fathers make a vow. Sixteen years later, Yuuri learns the truth that everyone has been hiding from him - he's a prince, the child promised to the usurper's son to bring the Katsuki line back to its rightful place.

Now it is time for him to make the choice: marry the alpha he doesn't know for the good of the kingdom that thinks him all but lost, or forget about it and live the rest of his life second-guessing his choice and wondering about what might have been.

Ma participation pour le Whumptober avec le fandom Haikyuu!!Story Story Writer Forum Community. Cartoons Ninja Turtles. What do his brothers do when he gets sick?

Fever By: Jocelyn D. I wish I did He also loved when one or more of them would sit around his bed while he was sick, just to take care of him. He just hated being sick. He hated the pain it brought; he hated the heat, chills or both it brought; he hated the illusions it brought The illusions were horrible. Like one time when Leonardo was taking care of him, Mikey had woken up.

The first thing he was an undead Leo chortling and saying "precious" over and over again. Undead Leo had been chewing through his tough skin, eating his flesh and working his way through his bones. Mikey had screamed so loudly for such a long time that Leo had smacked him. Mikey reopened his eyes, he felt the ice cold tears on his hot skin, rolling down his face. Leo had a really concerned look not only in his eyes but his face.

His mouth was open slightly in horror and he had grabbed Mikey's upper arm. After a moment he had pulled him into a tight hug, rubbing his shell and letting Mikey cry his heart out.

He hadn't calmed down for about an hour, and as Leo held him, he had asked what had been wrong. He clenched his jaw as Mikey told him what he had dreamed. Leo soothed him back to sleep and stayed beside him. It had felt so real There was another time when Donatello had been watching over him.

While he had been watching him, he had been working on fixing Mikey's iPod. Mikey had begun to scream and flail his limbs in a panic. He had seen the most sinister grin on Don's face as illusion or dream Don had placed some weird electronic looking thing on his skin and needles through it.

He had only stopped screaming and began to weep as the real Don pulled him into a tight embrace, muttering calming things in his ear and tracing his shell. Don had continured to whisper calming words as he traced his shell. He had had a pretty good idea what Mikey had been screaming about. Don had also soothed him back to sleep. Again, it had felt so real Mikey knew for a fact that Raph would never intentionally hurt him. Raph had promised it every night before and after they made love.

fanfic sick fever

But this dream terrified him and it also had felt so real. Dream Raph had grinned lecherously down at him and began to stab him And then to Mikey, making love scared him. It felt horrible. He felt like his body had been ripped into and it made him scream a blood curdling scream. He came to at this point. Raph was holding him in his lap and rocking him back and forth, churring calmly in his ear; Raph was the only one who knew that churring calmed him down the most and sometimes put him to sleep.

Mikey babbled incoherently and Raph somehow understood him.Disclaimer: still no Raphie the teddy-turtle" Mikey cooes. Don sighed as he walked out of his lab and made sure Leo went to bed. Raph walked over to grab something from the fridge. He doesn't take naps Don "humphed" and turned to face Raph. I told him to go lay down before he fell down," Don grumbled. Raph looked up at Leo's room and muttered something about Leo being an idiot. Raph shook his head and walked off. Don sighed and went back into his lab setting an alarm to check on Leo in an hour.

He heard Raph warn Mikey to leave Leo be and sighed. Great now Mikey will go bother Leo Leo moaned and rolled over on his bed.

fanfic sick fever

His stomach twisted and he felt all sweaty. He was sweating but shivering too. He grabbed his blankets and pulled them over himself, attempting to stay warm.

He curled up and driffed off again. Raph came in and knelt quietly beside Leo. Leo didn't even twitch as Raph checked for a fever. Get better bro. Don was coming in as Raph left.Washington freezes. Dread was filling the general's gut when those damned words get spoken.

Normally he would not be bothered with these kinds of news. Several of his men have fallen ill due to the winter's unforgiving coldness and the wind and several dead because of it. But this was Alexander someone he has started to see as his own son.

His faithful aid-de-camp filled with energy, potential, and brilliance. He was still more of a boy than a man. So small and young. Too young to die. It was inevitable though. Washington knew that after the latest mission his boy would not be able to escape the fever. He had told Colonel Tallmadge to keep an eye on his boy and to tell his immediately if the kid as much as coughs.

But God he had hoped Benjamin would never show up. But here he was. He is too stubborn to be defeated by something like this" With that the colonel leaves. Washington allows a small smile to curl up. Little lion.

Quarantine needs [kaminari/bakugou/hanta/kirishima x listener][14+]

A nickname Alexander has gotten from his french friend Lafayette. It didn't take long before everyone called his aid-de-camp that. Even Washington used it sometimes He hopes that the man is right.

Suddenly Hamilton bursts through the door carrying a letter in one hand. Well more like stumbles. It was clear that Alexander was sick. His cheeks were already red with fever. A layer of sweat covering his forehead. I'm sorry it took so long" He walks up to his General and almost falls flat on his face if Washington wouldn't have caught him first. Suddenly he was held tightly in Washington's strong arms. The said man could practically feel the heat radiating from the small sick figure in his arms.

Before Alexander could protest the general picks him up bridal style and is about to start walking towards his sleeping chambers.Disclaimer: All publicly recognizable characters, settings, etc. The original characters and plot are the property of the authors. No money is being made from this work. No copyright infringement is intended. We know that Edward lies. What if he remembers more about his mother than he likes to talk about?

I think I should stay home instead of going to watch you play baseball," A chill ran up my back and I shivered. Charlie might have to fend for himself tonight.

fanfic sick fever

I wasn't sure I felt like cooking. I knew that standing in the drizzle watching my vampire boyfriend and his family play baseball would not be beneficial to my health. We pulled into my driveway and Edward stopped the car.

He eyed me carefully then asked, "Do you want to come by afterward? Or would you rather be alone tonight? I just don't think I'm up to baseball, that's all," I smiled weakly. I squeezed his hand. But right now I also need a nap. You can choose. Baseball or a couple of extra hours of watching me sleep. He held my face between his long, cool hands and pressed his lips against mine. My heart fluttered, and his kiss made me a little lightheaded. Or maybe I was coming down with something.

At least I didn't have to worry about Edward catching anything. I watched him leave and crept up the stairs to my bed. My body felt heavy. Just putting on my sweats took an enormous effort. I crawled between the sheets knowing I'd be asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

When I woke up later, coughing and covered with sweat, I rolled out of the bed. I glanced around the room trying to determine what time it was. It wasn't even time for dinner.

Not that I needed to worry about that. I staggered down the hall toward the bathroom. I made it through the door and fell on my knees, crawling the rest of the way. I could barely hold my head up as my stomach erupted. I'd been cold earlier, but now I felt warm. I laid my head against the side of the tub.

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