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There are many reasons to buy an iPad, which is why so many people own one. One of the best uses of an iPad is as a digital comic book reader. As nice as it is to hold a printed comic in your hand, the comic book scene is very much alive and kicking on iOS and iPadOS.

In this article, we list the best iPad comic readers to download and use. These will enable you to either build a comic book collection from scratch or read your existing comics. And all on a glorious, high-definition screen which will make the artwork pop like never before. Here are some of the best iPad comic readers to which you can import your existing comic book collection.

Chunky might be the most popular comic book reader available on the iPad.

Best comic book apps for iPhone and iPad

You can even turn on auto-contrast to compensate for faded panels and muted colors. The Pro upgrade also gets you access to alternate color schemes and automatically crops the borders off of each page. Even without the upgrade, Chunky offers all you need to organize and enjoy digital comics on your iPad. Panels is a sleek new comic reader that uses Google to sync your reading progress across your iPad and iPhone.

The free version of Panels only lets you import your comics using iCloud Drive. Even without upgrading, you can still connect your iPad to a computer to transfer comics using iTunes or Finder. ComicFlow takes a free, simple, and open-source approach to reading digital comics. Just put your comics into a folder to treat them as a series.

Simply drag-and-drop your comics into the server window and wait for them to appear in the comic reader on your iPad. After which you need to upgrade via an in-app purchase. Thanks to its focus on simplicity, ComicFlow promises to handle thousands of comics and tens of gigabytes of files.

And does so while offering all the features you need to enjoy your collection.

15 Best Comic Book Reading Apps/Services for Mobile Devices

Like ComicFlow, iComix is a free comic reader for your iPad with an emphasis on simplicity.All you need is your iPhone or iPad. Key to the experience is a good app.

While a digital comic may not please the senses as paper issues do, having an app that offers access to a wide variety of content or broad support for common file formats PDF, ePUB, CBR, and CBZ can ease the transition. Comixology is an Amazon-owned company that lets comic book fans buy and read titles from a wide range of publishers, not just Marvel and DC—its vast library includes single issues and graphic novels from Image, IDW, BOOM! Studios, and many indie publishers.

Nor can you buy issues through the app itself. Instead, you have to download them through the Comixology website. Tapping through an issue almost feels like an animated story, due to the fluid movement across the page. Flowing transitions from panel to panel gently move you through the story, with the option to customize reading settings. Unlike with paid issues, you can download this gratis content without having to first go through the website.

Marvel Unlimited has 77 free issues across a number of different series available to read: Some of these are tie-ins with the movies, while others are standalone stories. New users are given a one week free trial, though. Instead, readers are given a rotating list of content. But Marvel does at least frequently add plenty of full stories to the app. Reading comics in the app is mostly smooth regardless of if you choose to swipe through pages and manually zoom in on panels, or instead tap on the bottom right of the screen and allow the app to flow through each speech bubble and panel.

icomix ipad

The Dark Horse app makes straying from well-known series full of tights and capes easy: It gives readers access to over individual comics from Dark Horse and over issues from indie publisher Dynamite Entertainment, with new titles added to the library every week. The flow from page to page is seamless when reading an issue. You can choose how the app zooms in on the panels as you turn the page, or instead opt for an entirely different view style.

The app can show the full page before or after transitioning through the panels, or display a letterbox view that darkens the rest of the page as each panel is read. Occasionally, downloading an issue can slow the app down, making it unresponsive until the issue is on your bookshelf.

The bookshelf can be organized in a number of ways: by release date, download date, or when each issue was last read. It can also show only downloaded books available for offline reading and hide books that are stored online from view.

Without an extensive menu or store to purchase titles from, iComix is refreshingly streamlined. However, since sorting issues in this way has to be done manually, it can be quite tedious, especially if you have a huge collection.

You can access your issues by loading them on your device or logging into a cloud service from within the app—iComix supports Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box. For the most part, this works seamlessly, though we did run into an issue where freshly downloaded issues would occasionally not appear on the homescreen until after quitting the app and opening it again.

Functions for reading issues are very simple. You just swipe through the pages of the book and zoom in using two fingers to read the text. No option for automatic flow from panel to panel exists. Reading customization options are available, though: the app lets you choose to have each page be next to each other, or to stack them on top of the previous page. Swiping through an issue was a smooth transition from page to page. Madefire is an up-and-coming best-seller when it comes to reading comics on your iPhone or iPad.

You can also grab 24 issues from Valiant, all beginning at the start of a variety of series, as well as a select few issues from Madefire and DC. The organization of the library is fairly standard. Issues can be sorted either alphabetically or by the original date of download. The normal reader is simple to use: A display of each page runs along the bottom of the screen, and swiping or tapping on either side of the page either progresses the story or moves back through it.

The one big option missing is customizable reading settings, though, which is a disappointment.Download your comics without ever leaving the app. If you do not have any of these services, have no fear, as you can still import your comics from another app, or through itunes.

Added iPhone X support. I actually really like the app. No ads. It is very simple to migrate files from stuff like OneDrive connecting your account instead of having to share from another app. The UI is intuitive and fast, swipe up or down to show menu so that it doesnt come up while zooming onto comic panels.

All for free. My only gripe, though, is that the app icon is so ugly. It just stands out so much in a bad way. Please get a simple, elegant icon. I tried 6 top rated comics readers in the App Store before deciding to go with this one. Thank you for making a great and ad-free reader!

Good app. Easy to use and organize my comic collection. I've tried many others but keep coming back to this one. Could use a bookmark function to quickly pick up where I left off.

Requires iOS 9. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. App Store Preview. Screenshots iPhone iPad. Nov 6, Version 4. Ratings and Reviews See All.

Information Seller Stephen Zaharuk. Size Category Entertainment. Compatibility Requires iOS 9. Languages English.Users who want a comic book reader that's as light and easy-to-use as their iOS devices should go and give iComix a look.

Top 5 Comicbook Reading Apps for Android

The app eschews the dizzying array of advanced settings offered by many of its competitors, instead opting for simple controls and an overall slimmer profile that's perfect for casual readers.

With its cloud syncing capabilities, iComix even slots neatly into your existing file management routine. If you're looking for an app that doesn't require more than the basic set-up, iComix is a good choice. If you classify yourself less as a passionate comics geek and more as a regular guy who just wants to be able to read some comic books when you feel like it, then iComix might be the app for you.

Rather than peppering you with a seemingly endless stream of options, iComix keeps everything simple. With iComix, this process is streamlined — you can access your files from Pogoplug, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, or Box directly from within the app. The app also features a download manager. You can bring up the status pane to check on the progress of your file downloads, as well as to see which other titles are waiting in the queue.

When it comes to reading, iComix is the closest you can get to the ease of simply picking up a comic book and flipping through the pages. The app offers a clean, uncluttered profile overall, which you can also jazz up with a choice of light and dark themes. Browsing is as easy as scrolling along the grid.

The app also offers you some basic controls for managing the contents of your library, so you can delete titles, check out file information, or arrange titles in the order you see fit.

The app is exclusive to iOS, though, so users on other systems who are looking for a simple, lightweight reader will have to look elsewhere. For any questions, issues, or concerns, you can contact the developer through the App Store.

Overall, iComix is a streamlined, simple-to-use comic book reader that caters well to the needs of casual readers. While power users will miss having granular control over almost all aspects of their comic book collection, the more casual crowd will appreciate the lack of settings fluff and the tap-it-and-go feel of the app.

icomix ipad

What's the Verdict? See Our Other Top Picks. Jonathan Kerns June 12, Pros Uncomplicated Feature Set: iComix offers users a simple, standard set of features, meaning you can dive into the app and start reading in a flash.

Lightweight and Fast: The app performs smoothly and hardly leaves a mark in terms of resources, so no matter how long you read, iComix won't push the limits of your device. Cloud Syncing: You can download comics from your various cloud storage accounts, as iComix supports services ranging from Dropbox to Pogoplug. Cons Relatively Basic App: Compared to other comic book readers for the iOS, power users who like to tweak every aspect of their reader or own extensive libraries will find iComix lacking.

Display and Navigation Controls When it comes to reading, iComix is the closest you can get to the ease of simply picking up a comic book and flipping through the pages. Customer Support For any questions, issues, or concerns, you can contact the developer through the App Store.He wanted to know if it was possible to upload comics to his iPod Touch to read in addition to that app, so I told him I would write out directions for him.

A CBR file is the common comic book format for downloading and reading comics online. The CBZ format is similar but requires you to compress to a. The first step is obviously to connect the iPhone to the computer with the USB cable so that it can be accessed and can sync.

There are a series of tabs along the top of the screen that allow you to access different features for the iPhone. The apps tab allows you to control what apps are installed on the iPhone and what files you upload to it. Scroll down the page to the bottom and click on Stanza to access the files installed on Stanza.

Below the Stanza documents is a button marked Add… also seen in screen shot above. Click it and navigate to the folder with the CBR file.

icomix ipad

Click the file name and click Choose to select the file. The file will then sync to the iPhone. The file will be listed in the Stanza Documents list and when opening Stanza the next time, it will process the file for reading.

File is being processed on the iPhone in Stanza. With these simple steps, you will be reading comics quickly and easily. These steps will also work just as easily for Cloudreaders, GoodReaderKeynote or any other apps that will allow you to upload files to your device of choice. Powered by WordPress. Designed by. Search Search for: Go. File is uploading to iPhone. File is in Stanza library. Comic Book is added to Stanza library. Comic Book is ready to be read.

Me Jon's Facebook RonFez. All Rights Reserved.If you've been looking to go digital with your comic book collectionyou're probably overwhelmed with all the comic readers available on the iPhone and iPad.

Fret no more: Comic Zeal is the app you want. Comic Zeal is, hands down, the best app on iOS for organizing your comic library. When you import new comics, it automatically detects the series name and filters them all into their own categories by series. If you want to do something different—like create a reading list for a multi-series event—you can do so by swiping individual issues into ComicZeal's "slider," then emptying them out as you see fit.

It can be a little tedious to do, but it's still light years ahead of any other comic readers. Comic Zeal also has a lot of settings for reading, which means you can get everything set up just how you like it.

The "smart zoom" feature is particularly awesome. Comic Zeal does have a few annoyances, but they're minor enough to keep it in the top slot. Turning pages is a bit slower than it is in other comic readers, so going from page to page doesn't feel very smooth at all. Similarly, importing comics takes a long time, and you can't do anything while the app is importing—so if you're importing a large number of comics, be prepared to set your device down and wait awhile.

It has a "fit to screen" or "fit to width" mode which works flawlessly, and it has a few settings to keep the reading experience solid. It also has a silly-but-kind-of-awesome page flipping animation and sound which you can turn offif you want to recreate the real-life reading experience as much as possible.

Its organization is nowhere near the level of ComicZeal's though you can manually categorize things themselvesso I'd recommend spending the extra dollar on Comic Zeal. Comic Viewer is certainly a solid alternative, though.

If you want something free, ComicFlow is probably your best choice. Its "library" interface is very similar to Comic Zeal's, but with some nice filtering options though not nearly as many good organization options. ComicFlow, as its name describes, excels at flipping between pages with fantastic smoothness unlike Comic Zeal. However, it doesn't remember your "zoom" level on each page, which is extremely annoying for people that don't want it to fit every page to the screen.

It also is pretty bare when it comes to settings for example, it only gives you a "dim mode" rather than letting you adjust the in-app brightness. If ComicFlow has one incredible advantage, its that it imports comics in the background, which is really nice. CloudReaders is another popular one, and while its interface isn't nearly as pretty as Comic Zeal or ComicFlow, the reading experience is a good one.

Like ComicFlow, flipping between pages is fantastically smooth, and it has a few more settings if you don't care about looks, care about features, and want something free. If you want to read comics from the official source, you'll want something like Comics from ComiXology.

If you're looking for new comics from these companies, this is the app you'll want to download. Lifehacker's App Directory is a new and growing directory of recommendations for the best applications and tools in a number of given categories. The A.

Shop Subscribe. App Directory. Read on. Subscribe To Our Newsletter. Whitson Gordon. Filed to: app directory. Share This Story. Get our newsletter Subscribe.All you need to do is import your comic book files into iComics via iTunes and they'll automatically start unpacking themselves, ready to read in seconds! Unlike other comic apps on the App Store that act like a store, letting you buy specific comics from their database, iComics lets you bring your own collection to the table.

With the many DRM-free comics now available online, including indie comic artists, as well as the vast number of old-school comics that have now become public domain, iComics lets you tap into a much larger world of comic books, directly at your fingertips!

Comics can come in any shape or size. Comics import quickly, they're silky smooth to read, and are easily configurable. And performance is the same no matter which iOS device you're on! Not only that, iComics puts a great amount of emphasis on making managing comic files on your iOS device as flexible as possible. You can re-order comics, change their reading state, rename them and many more features are on the way! Version 1. But it's not over yet!

Check out these upcoming features coming in the future!

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