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Ilford is a large town in east LondonEngland, located 9. Ilford Town is also the administrative centre of the London Borough of Redbridge.

Identified as a metropolitan centre in the London PlanIlford is classed as a significant commercial and retail centre for the wider south east of England. The entire town, including its localities such as GoodmayesGants Hill and Fairlophad a population ofin Ilford's significant commercial and retail centre is surrounded by extensive residential development. Historically a small rural settlement in southwest Essexits strategic position on the River Roding and the London to Colchester road caused it to develop as a coaching town.

Since it has formed part of Greater London. Ilford's town centre is the head district of the IG postcode area. To the west of the town is Stratford and, further up, Walthamstow and Woodford ; east is Romford ; north is Epping Forest ; and south is Barking. The only complete skull of a mammoth discovered in the United Kingdom was unearthed in close to where Uphall Road is today. The skull can now be seen in the Natural History Museum and a cast of the skull and other prehistoric animal remains can be seen at Redbridge Museum, Central Library, Ilford.

Redevelopment has destroyed much of the evidence for early Ilford, but the oldest evidence for human occupation is the 1st- and 2nd-century BC Iron Age earthwork known as Uphall Camp. This was situated between the Roding and Ilford Lane and is recorded in 18th-century plans. Great and Little Ilford share the place name origin, [5] but the Domesday reference is to the Little Ilford area.

ILFORD Delta 100 - Film Review

A nearby mound called Lavender Mount existed into the s, when it was removed during building work at Howards chemical works. Excavation has shown that Lavender Mount may have been a 16th-century 'beacon-mound'. Archaeological discoveries are displayed at Redbridge Museum.

Ilford straddled the important road from London to Colchester. The Middlesex and Essex Turnpike Trust controlled and maintained the road from The River Roding was made navigable for barges as far as Ilford Bridge from This brought about brickworks, cement works and coal yards to service the new buildings, largely centred on the River Roding.

Ina railway station was opened on the line from Romford to Mile End. The early businesses gave way to new industries, such as paper making and services such as steam laundries and collar making, to provide for the new commuting class created by the railway.

A number of major businesses have been founded in the town, including the eponymous photographic film and chemicals manufacturer Ilford Photo. Harman, a photographer from Peckhamwho established the business in a house in Cranbrook Road making gelatino-bromide 'dry' plates.

Many Ilford Limited products are displayed at Redbridge Museum. The radio, electronics and telecommunications company Plesseyfounded in in Marylebonemoved to Cottenham Road in Ilford early in and then to Vicarage Lane where became one of the largest manufacturers in its field.Delta black and white film is one of my favourites, both 35mm and film format and you will see why —.

As with all the black and white film I shoot I currently develop Ilford Delta film in Kodak Xtol developer sometimes with Rodinal added to the solution.

ilford 100

For the 35mm Leica film cameras plus Nikon cameras and others I enjoy shooting Ilford Delta 35mm film. If I want to obtain as much detail as possible from a 35mm film negative then I usually consider Delta as a strong contender. Ilford Delta film gives me a near perfect balance of sharpness, detail and contrast for my taste. Ilford Pan F 50 film offers finer grain but it is easy to lose highlight detail for me. For my taste. The Delta film scans are a joy to edit. For much of my medium format film photography I now use Fomapan Classic film.

Here are a sample of some of my Ilford Delta Flickr photos to give a taster of what this film can achieve. You may have guessed from this short Ilford Delta review that I like this film. Definitely up there with the best black and white films available. If money is no issue and you have lots of light to shoot in I would recommend trying some Delta film. It wont disappoint.

If you wanted a cheaper option in 35mm format you could try Kentmere film which is also an Ilford film. You can usually find the Ilford Delta price on Amazon to be quite reasonable. Here are a few links to the multi-pack film bundles I normally get:. View all posts by matthewosbornephotography. Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Looking for a classic grain structure low cost black and white film? Keep reading! Kentmere film is only able in 35mm format and comes in two speeds, and It was first available in the US as a budget alternative to Ilford films but is now available in the UK also. With all the great black and white films available on the market I have not bought another batch of Kentmere film yet as I am still experiementing with new films.

The latest film I tried was Ilford Pan so I will share some samples and thoughts once I have shot a few more rolls of it.

ilford 100

Kentmere Film — Available on Amazon — Check for latest prices! As mentioned above Kentmere seems much more readily available in the US.

I bought my 10pk to get the lowest price per roll but I struggle to find that same deal for sale in the UK. There are rumours that Kentmere film is also reboxed and sold under the name Ilford Pan ? I have no evidence of this personally but I do shoot Ilford Pan film. From my own experience I would say Kentmere is different to Ilford Pan Pan has less apparent grain and Kentmere has a more obvious classic grain structure. Both are great films but from the films I have shot I think they were different formula.

I noticed that certain film photography labs in the UK that did stock Kentmere now stock Pan instead.

ilford 100

As such perhaps Kentmere Pan now exists but I would need to buy a few boxes of this new Pan labelled film to try to see if it is more similar to the old Kentmere or the old Pan Originally I bought this film because of the low price plus I like to experiment with different film stocks.

I was pleasantly surprised by the sharpness and fine grain of Kentmere when compared to other classic film emulsions such as Ilford FP4 plus and Ilford HP5 plus. I find 35mm FP4 a little to grainy for my portraits and similar to 35mm Kodak Tri-X in that regard.

View all posts by matthewosbornephotography. Skip to content. Kentmere Film Review Looking for a classic grain structure low cost black and white film? Kentmere Pan Film? Kentmere — Flickr Photos Click any image to see the camera used Kentmere Film Summary Originally I bought this film because of the low price plus I like to experiment with different film stocks.

Ilford Delta 100 Professional - Black & white print film 135 (35 mm) ISO 36 exposures #1780624

Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email.Capturing the smooth extensions of water movement, contrasted with static elements of the shoreline is the key to this visual narrative. Of course, technical challenges and possibilities abound when it comes to using film for long exposure.

First, there is the concept of reciprocity failure, something that to the outsider may seem like another black magic aspect of our craft. Then, the film, as it usually does, offers a wide range of creative options, going well beyond the crisp and predictable realm of digital photography.

The idea is not to create a recipe as much as discover different creative possibilities of long exposure with film. The methodology I am going to deploy will be based on varying only the films used, as much as possible:. This camera s simple, fully mechanical, light and resilient. To accomplish a sufficiently long exposure in some of the tests, I used an affordable Polaroid Variable ND filter set to its highest ND value, approximately a 7-stop light reduction.

While perhaps unusual, I have found this application to be adequate for most uses, including digital imaging. Exposures and reciprocity failure For each film evaluation test, three exposures are made.

The first exposure is made at 2x the metered value, the second at 3x the metered value and the third at 5x the metered value. This is a crude method that roughly brackets most typical reciprocity adjustment curves — something the app does not do. It is a handy way to quickly estimate exposure when in the field. The reasoning behind this is requirement for speed is the criticality of timing during the blue hour.

The light shifts in minutes and simplifying as much of this process as possible leads to more opportunities for actual exposures during this precious period. All exposures will be made between the start of Civil Twilight and ten minutes after Sunrise, most of them were taken in Toronto, Canada between November and January Films tested These tests are split into three parts.

This film has a very enigmatic look, at least to me. With the long exposure tests, the most dramatic change appears in highlight areas, while shadows change only slightly with each new adjustment. To this end, PAN F seems to be well suited for affecting a higher contrast between shadows and highlights with a more substantive long exposure adjustment. Long Exposure Test. FP4 is truly a good utility film. With long exposures, more adjustment is made to metered values, the exposure becomes flatter, muddier.

This is my go-to black and white film, so logical to start at this point. Long exposure bracketing shows most of the difference in shadows. Changes from one adjustment factor to another are rather subtle and smooth.Go and put the kettle on, make a brew, and settle in.

This is going to be a long one. Ah Delta……Delta, Delta, Delta. The film that I have heard so many photographers rave about, and the one that almost got away well, it did get away, and unrolled in front of my eyes…as per article 7 — Delta Disaster.

When I try a new film stock, I always buy 2 rolls just in case one is a dud, or I mess it up. However, for some reason, I stocked up on Delta, and still had some left from last time. At the time of the shoot Delta Def Jam was around the corner, so I hatched a plan to head out and capture some of the Norfolk countryside.

Except, it rained, a lot, and was generally quite miserable that week. Well, anywhere that was much of a travelling distance from my house, due to the increasingly early sunsets, with autumn drawing in. However, I found myself with a couple of hours, one sunny afternoon, and grabbed the camera and headed out. There were quite a few clouds in the sky, but the sun was still shining through, giving some lovely soft light, with the odd burst of sunshine. I live in a small town in Norfolk, and in all my years of living here, or in the surrounding area, I have rarely photographed it.

I am not sure why, but I find it funny how we can often overlook what is just around the corner. So I ditched the car, and went for a walk around town. I walked down a country lane I often walk down, and see things that catch my eye, but never seem to stop and take the image, until today. That evening, son in bed, I hit the darkroom. This was the first time in a long time, where I entered the darkroom in daylight, and came out to dark sky.

I love it when that happens. This is where it all got a bit weird. Unknown to me, the Delta and Delta Professional can be developed for the same length of time when using Rodinal. Great, I thought, I can develop both at the same time.

So I put both rolls in my big Patterson, with the Delta going in first, Delta going in second.

Ilford Delta 100 Sample Images

The development went smoothly, with no issues whatsoever. However, during the hanging to dry process, I noticed the Delta was really foggy.Home Film Index Delta Delta has very fine grain and absolutely beautiful tones.

Delta has become my favorite Black and White film to shoot with. Either or 35mm results in great sharp images with just the right amount of contrast in my opinion. The low ISO makes it perfect for any sunny or partially cloudy outdoor scenes. This is the first roll of Ilford I have ever shot.

I chose Delta to use my Kodak Pony model B. Another exceptional product from Ilford. The only exception being the sfx I absolutely recommend this film to anyone serious about black and white photography. I have mine developed as positives and have never been disappointed.

Atthis film is wonderful and still having a tight grain, contrast, and dynamic range. I would recommend Delta over any other native film! I love the crisp lines, image clarity and ability to enlarge these shots for using as framed wall art. If you are looking for a black and white film that produces a nice tonal range from Dark Shadows to High lights and one that you can use at several speed settings this is the one. I use this film at ISOand I have no reservations at I develop my film in HC B, or Go to the Film Index Rating.

User Ratings. User Reviews Submit Review 5. Title of your review. Your review.After shooting mostly black and white film for coming up to about 10 years now I only recently discovered Ilford Pan film. It seems that 35mm Pan film is less popular in the UK and I actually bought my fresh film stock from Germany.

I was excited at my discovery of Ilford Pan as one of my most regarded film stocks is Ilford Delta It is probably worth noting I enjoy using other film brands too.

Links below. It is suitable for most general purpose indoor and outdoor photography applications where good lighting exists, it is particularly suited to portraiture. For Ilford Pan developing I currently favour either just Kodak Xtol developer or my homemade film developer soup which consists of Xtol and Rodinal developers.

Of all the black and white film stocks I have shot I would say Pan film is quite forgiving and quite easy to develop without losing detail.

I have not yet tried developing Ilford Pan film with other developers but I need to start experimenting I think for all film stocks! I thought some visuals from other film stocks I use might be nice to compare to my Ilford Pan photos.

ILFORD Delta 100 - Film Review

Most of the films featured are a similar film speed to Pan so could be potential alternatives when looking to buy a new film to test out. The film developing was roughly similar for all photos shared and the film scanning too — Epson V flatbed scanner but that is probably where the similarities end! The photos below include different subjects on different days in different locations and under different lighting conditions.

Flickr taught me so much about photography in my earlier years and I still use it today to review photos from a particular film stock, camera or lens ahead of a potential camera gear purchase. You might want to find a comfy chair and grab a cuppa before you proceed.

ilford 100

As usual I got a little carried away and this post is now 4x longer than planned. Lots of photos coming up below! Ilford Pan vs Delta comparison! Ilford Delta was perhaps my favouite black and white film for quiet a while so it was likely that I would like Ilford Pan film too.

To my eyes Ilford Delta film still has the edge in terms of sharpness and detail captured and offers format that I enjoy using vs Pan film but they are close enough for me to buy the cheaper 35mm Ilford Pan film if I can find it.

Ilford Pan vs Pan F 50 — both are Pan films manufactured by Ilford but different enough from my experience to use both. Ilford Pan F 50 is a high contrast film and it can be easy to clip the highlight detail if you are not careful with your developing. Pan F 50 film has slightly finer grain and a smoother look to my eyes.

If you get Pan F 50 right it can capture some stunning detail. Pan film is only available in 35mm format where as I enjoy shooting Ilford Pan F 50 too. Ilford Pan vs Kentmere — they could be said to be a close match as Kentmere film is manufactured by Ilford films.

Ilford Pan vs Fomapan — they may appear similar on paper but I would say they are quite different. Pan offers increased sharpness and detail to my eyes with perhaps a more modern look.

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