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Civil engineering occupies a prominent position as one of the major fields in the engineering profession. Civil engineers are concerned with all aspects of the conception, planning, design, construction, operation, and maintenance of major physical works and facilities that are essential to modern life. Civil engineering projects are typically characterized by extreme size, complexity, durability, and cost.

Examples include bridges, buildings, transportation facilities, tunnels, coastal facilities, dams, foundations, and waterways. The Mission of our Civil Engineering Bachelor of Science degree program is to educate students in the principles and methods essential to the practice and advancement of the interdisciplinary field of civil engineering.

Our goal is to prepare students to apply and continually cultivate knowledge that will enable them to become successful practitioners, innovators and leaders in serving the needs of a complex society. To achieve the program education objectives, the civil engineering program has adopted the following seven ABET student outcomes:.

Environmental Engineering is an interdisciplinary branch of the engineering profession where science and engineering principles are combined to provide healthy soil, water and air; remediate contaminated sites; and to improve the overall quality of the environment through the development of sustainable processes.

The Mission of our Environmental Engineering Bachelor of Science degree program is to educate students in the principles and methods essential to the practice and advancement of the interdisciplinary field of environmental engineering. The program is proactive and continues to incorporate new and emerging paradigms in all aspects of teaching and education while maintaining rigorous standards in traditional approaches to engineered solutions of environmental problems.

Graduates of the program possess technical expertise required to maintain a healthy balance between societal welfare, economic growth and the environment surrounding us.

The Program Educational Objectives of our Environmental Engineering Bachelor of Science program are to prepare environmental engineering graduates to:. To achieve the program education objectives, the environmental engineering program has adopted the following seven ABET student outcomes:.

In each curriculum, emphasis is placed on the development of a solid knowledge of civil or environmental engineering fundamentals. Both undergraduate programs include a strong base of mathematics, including calculus, probability and statistics, and the physical sciences, followed by a course in planning and engineering economics.

A broad range of required and elective courses in engineering science, analysis and design in the areas listed above meet each set of program objectives. Elective courses in both programs extend across the areas of structural, geotechnical, hydraulic, environmental, construction, project management, and transportation engineering. Additional elective courses in the environmental program are available from chemical engineering, chemistry, biology, and earth and environmental science.

The civil and environmental engineering programs prepare individuals for entry into the engineering profession or for entry into high-quality programs of graduate study. For additional useful information visit our departmental website www. Technical Minor in Environmental Engineering.

A total of credit hours are required for graduation with the degree of Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. The HSS Advanced Requirement of 13 credits is shown below as three 3-credit courses and one 4-credit course.

Peter Mueller - In His Own Words

Other options are possible. A total of credit hours are required for graduation with the degree Bachelor of Science in Environmental Engineering. HSS Advanced requirement is 13 credits, four credits of which must be an approved environmental studies course; list of approved courses is available from CEE department.

Nine approved elective credits to satisfy proficiency in four focus areas of water supply and resources, environmental chemistry, waste management and biological processes; approved list available from CEE department.

A technical minor in Environmental Engineering is available for students outside the department.Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science. Lehigh's storied civil engineering programs are recognized globally for expertise in structural, environmental, geotechnical and water resource engineering. We encourage you to browse our website, visit individual faculty pages, or contact us to learn more about our dynamic research and graduate and undergraduate educational programs.

Structural Engineering studies the design, analysis, assessment of buildings and infrastructure systems. Its scope spans many scales, from material constituents e. Structural engineering applies continuum mechanics, numerical analysis, signal processing, operational research and other discipline to advance the design of the built environment, as well as its reliability, disaster resilience, and sustainability.

Learn more. Water resources engineering studies the hydrologic cycle and uses different quantitative methods such as field measurement, laboratory experiment, and numerical modeling to identify the harmonic balance between human water uses and natural ecosystem conservation. Exampled applications include the management of the surface and groundwater water supply, the design of urban storm-sewer systems, flood and drought forecasting, reservoir operation, water-energy-food nexus, and sediment management.

Geotechnical engineering studies the mechanical characteristics of soils to predict their behavior under various conditions. Geotechnical engineering is crucial to design the foundations of structures, as well as to design structures that interact directly with soil, such as retention walls, or even structures made entirely of soil, such as embankment dams.

Geotechnical engineers study also how to enhance the mechanical properties of soils. Environmental Engineering applies the principles of chemistry, physics, biology, epidemiology, and earth sciences in order to protect public health and the environment. Environmental Engineers design systems which provide safe drinking water, treat wastewater, remediate pollution, manage solid waste, recycle materials, and control air quality.

Environmental engineering specialties can focus on environmental biotechnology, ion exchange technologies, preventing waterborne disease, sustainable water treatment, wastewater treatment technologies, environmental remediation, air pollution control, and pollution prevention. Tweets by LehighCEE. Skip to main content. Global Leadership in Civil Engineering. Lehigh's civil engineering program recognized among best in the world by ARWU. Global recognition for civil engineering.

Civil Engineering: Water Resources. Harness the power of water, solve a myriad of human challenges. Civil Engineering: Structures.Campus health and safety are our top priorities. Get help with online courses, Zoom and more. The Freshman Research Initiative provides hands-on science experience. College of Natural Sciences is home to a number of nationally-recognized teachers and researchers.

Read about members of our diverse and distinguished alumni community.

Peter Mueller

He is adjunct professor of Biostatistics at M. Anderson Cancer Center. Mueller has authored more than scientific publications, 10 books and edited volumes and has served on the editorial board of three scientific journals and technical series. My research interests are broadly in nonparametric Bayesian inference BNPBayesian adaptive clinical trial design, Bayesian bioinformatics, optimal design and decision problems and computational methods for Bayesian inference.

My research includes extensive work in BNP, in particular priors for random structures, such as partitions, feature allocation and graphs, and the construction of probability models for multiple, dependent probability measures as it is needed for borrowing strength across related studies or subpopulations.

I have worked on decision theoretic and model-based methods for biomedical research problems, including adaptive clinical trial design, subgroup analysis, and treatment individualization. In Bayesian bioinformatics I have worked on tumor heterogeneity and other problems. Jiang, F. Alejandro Cruz-Marcelo, Gary L. Lee, J. Mitra, R. Rossell, D. Ji, Y. Di Lucca, M. Telesca, D. Meet our award-winning staff. Philanthropy Make a Gift. Refereed Papers 1.

Herring Dinstinguished Professorship in Clinical Research A hearing last night on proposed zoning changes in Williams Township caused by the construction of Interstate 78 turned into a sometimes-heated shouting match overlandfill expansion, with one resident saying the supervisors were "trying to give us a snow job. The hearing was called to get public comment on the proposals, but it began inauspiciously when it was revealed the legal advertisement in an Easton newspaper had not included the date.

That means another hearing will have to be held later.

Whatever Happened to Peter Mueller?

Almost all of the comments from the public dealt with an area bounded by Morvale Road on the west, Industrial Drive on the north and near Morgan Hill Road on the east. That area would be rezoned from light industrial use to general industrial, allowing for a acre expansion of the Chrin landfill that already has been approved by the state, as well as other industrial uses.

Residents expressed concern that it also would allow for future expansion of the landfill beyond what has been approved. Why don't you stop it at that and use a little sense?

Some people said part of the area zoned general industrial has a slope too steep for that use. Palmer answered that it is logical to draw zones according to property lines or district lines, but agreed that large industrial developments should not be located on steep slopes.

Charles Waltman, who owns property adjacent to the proposed zone, said, "Apparently you believe landfills are a fact of life. Why not recommend them for Palmer or Forks townships? Let's put them in other places. Attorney James Kellar of Allentown, the township's attorney on environmental matters, said, "Neither I nor anyone else here is promoting landfills for Williams Township. Kellar told the roughly 30 people attending that if the township zoning plan did not specifically allow landfills in any certain area, it could not adequately control where they would be located in the event the ordinance is challenged.

Attorney William Eastburn of Doylestown, representing the owners of the Chrin landfill, said that since the Chrins have acquired the facility, "they have done nothing but upgrade it.

He said he was not asking anyone "to jump for joy," but said that the supervisors were "taking steps forward" and imposing more stringent controls than ever on the landfill. Township resident James Little said the the zone should have been established by survey instead of property lines. But why put it on a hill? Leave that alone.

peter mueller lehigh

You build anything there and it's going to come up the hill. It's going to stink. Resident William Schippers said, "You plan to waste that area. I propose you make a new proposal and make a better use of that area than a landfill. Eastburn said, "People lose sight that this is a two-step process. Noting that the area owned by the Chrins "was a landfill, is a landfill, and will continue to be a landfill," he said the township "is going to have many more controls over us than they ever had before.

The township hopes to adopt the new zoning plan for the area before the interchange and highway are completed. Palmer said the Pennsylvania Transportation Department expects to have the road completed in Williams Township by the end of Skip to main content.

Richard Sause. Director, Joseph T. Stuart Professor of Structural Engineering. Rossin College of Engineering and Applied Science. Shalinee Kishore. Joshua Agar. Materials Science and Engineering. David Anastasio.

Earth and Environmental Sciences. College of Arts and Sciences. Ganesh Balasubramanian.

peter mueller lehigh

Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics. Jonas Baltrusaitis. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Arindam Banerjee.

peter mueller lehigh

Karen Beck Pooley. Political Science. Rick Blum. Electrical and Computer Engineering. Paolo Bocchini. Civil and Environmental Engineering. Derick Brown.

David Casagrande. Helen M. Manoj Chaudhury. Brian Chen. Computer Science and Engineering. Liang Cheng. John Coulter. Brian Davison. Boris Defourny. Industrial and Systems Engineering. Panos Diplas. John N. Dan M.Things got off to a rough start for Providence as the Scott Laughton and the Phantoms scored just 31 seconds into the game. It was all P-Bruins after that, as the team netted two power play goals in less than two minutes.

The first came courtesy of Mueller, as he skated up the right side and beat Alex Lyon five-hole for his 13th goal of the season. DeBrusk made it Bruins at with his 19th goal of the year. Simpson concluded the first period scoring atas his tough angle shot from the right goal line somehow went in for his 16th goal of the season as the team entered the break up It was the Bruins turn to score early in a period, as the team beat Lyon just into the second.

DeBrusk dove for the puck in the left wing corner and made a sprawling centering pass to Porter. Martin Ouellette took over between the pipes for Lehigh Valley as the P-Bruins headed to the locker room up Lehigh Valley mounted a furious comeback in the third period that saw the P-Bruins give up their fastest three goals of the season.

After a Colin McDonald goal atthe P-Bruins still held a lead late into the third which forced the Phantoms to pull their goalie. Greg Carey scored with an extra attacker at and kept the pressure coming when Andy Miele scored at to send the game to overtime tied Corban Knight scored just 48 seconds into the extra period, completing the comeback and sending Lehigh Valley home winners.

Lyon stopped 10 of 14 before being pulled while Ouellette stopped all 18 in a winning effort. McIntyre stopped 32 of 37 shots. Providence was on the power play and on the penalty kill.

The P-Bruins conclude their regular season tomorrow night in Hershey when they face off against the Bears at 7pm. For all the latest Providence Bruins news and updates visit ProvidenceBruins. Providence Bruins. Premier Partners.Track my home. Coastline Realty, Inc. Write Peter's 1st review. Write Peter's 1st recommendation. Peter Muller hasn't provided a bio yet. Why do I need to provide this information? How do I help ensure my review is published? We publish only review that are associated with a client selling or buying a home, and we use this information to verify that your review meets these standards.

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