Red peach blossom bazi

On the other hand less fortunate people without this inborn endowment may require feng shui help to make yourself more attractive to the opposite gender. In feng shui there are various methods to improve your chances to meet your potential spouse. Chinese feng shui astrology uses the Day Master or Year of birth to induce romance, courtship and marriage luck. The degrees of the various 24 mountains can be identified using the feng shui luopan or compass as per illustration.

If you are staying alone you can use the center of your entire house to locate the sector. On the other hand if you are staying with your family, you can use the center of your bedroom. Once you have identified the sector, you can place some vibrant water-growing fresh flowers no rose to activate it.

Peach Blossom Luck

For e. Do keep the flowers fresh and healthy. Keep the place unclutter. The accuracy of locating the sector is important because it affects only the person involved.

The result is rapid but it only last for 1 year. Feng Shui Master Pte Ltd. Search Search focus st 4 port wmi. Enquiry Form. Featured Post feng shui November 21, feng shui predictions Year still suffers ….Do you have love stars in ? Love will be in the air if you have animal signs of Rabbit and Rooster in your chart as you are going to have many romantic encounters in the Year of the in Be prepared for nothing but plenty of love in You will feel the air of romance when the animal signs appear in the month.

Please print your Bazi Chart here. Rabbit has a relationship star called Red Matchmaker star. It represents romance and marriage. This is one of the best stars for relationships. It is the most enduring and benevolent love star. For single, the star can help to connect you with someone of the opposite sex on a deeper relationship level for a long term relationship and marriage.

Rooster has a Sky Happiness star. It is a positive Peach Blossom star, This star forges long term relationship. If you are single, you should go out and socialize with others as you may end up finding someone special. This star is traditionally considered a negative star in ancient times but now some masters consider it good to initiate a fast physical relationship in the current modern society as people are more open now.

This is a high energy lustful star in which sex or a one-night stand is more important than anything else. If you are married then this star is not good to have as you may affairs or attract the third party which will complicate matters.

Where the animal signs landed on pillar will able to give an indication where you can meet someone of interest to you. If the above stars are located in the Year Pillar, you can meet someone interesting at social events and functions. If the stars are in the month pillar, you can meet someone special at your office or workplace. The person can be your colleagues, superiors, customers, suppliers, vendors or someone you encounter during the course of work. If you are married, you may have a baby if the stars are in your Hour Pillar.

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Know Your Main Profile in BaZi

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Please login or register. News: Forum new feature: Alert notification. Type of Peach Blossom 5 1 Currently:. Print Search. This PB function easily attracted the attention of the opposite sex. What's the difference between success and mastery? A success is when you achieve doing something once while mastery is when you know you can achieve it again and again and again. Quote from: "TPY". Hi bruce, The different of the type PB it can be category in good and not the good one.

It either can lead to popularity or disaster depend on the combination on the EB. When the horse year the salty pool and happiness star will fall on rabbit, marriage star is on roaster.

Generally Rabbit is going a quite smooth this year. But it different in the Birth date, salty pool will be call as Flower of romance. It category as Internal and External PB.

Interior PB is better and refers to relationship with family and wife while exterior PB relates to relationship with non-relatives.

red peach blossom bazi

PB is also associated with popularity and not only with love affairs. Hong luan is the marriage star.It is the name of one of the deities in Ba Zi Chinese Astrology, also called the four pillars of destiny. With the Peach Blossom star, a person may also have a clever, compassionate, romantic, responsible, talented and artistic nature.

The traditional method for checking the peach blossom is: convert the birthday to the Chinese calendar, then write down the birthday formula.

Peach blossom is very sensitive to water. If the peach blossom meets the water element, then as a result the person is as beautiful as a flower, but life may be full of sexual abuse or prostitution.

Such as: Monkey, Rat, Dragon year born people meets water rooster or born in the pig, rat or ox month. If the peach blossom is found on the year or month branch, it means the peach blossom is inside the wall, and it generally good for social life and marriage.

If the peach blossom is found on the time branch, it means the peach blossom is outside the wall, it may cause affairs, and therefore, it is bad for marriage.

red peach blossom bazi

For example: In a set of Ba Zi, if a person is born in a wood dog day or year, with rabbit in other earthly branch, or a person born in a metal monkey year or day, with rooster in other earthly branch.

In ancient China, peach blossom is categorised under inauspicious deities. In the old days, people often linked peach blossom to sex maniacs or affairs. It is actually wrong to think so. When we study Ba Zi theory, we should have a correct attitude towards this deity.

red peach blossom bazi

Peach Blossom is a common deity in Ba Zi, most people have it in their birth days or life eras. It associates with beauty, romance, responsibility and artistic talent. However, if the peach blossom appears in one of the flowing formations, then it is inauspicious:.

However, if the peach blossom appears in one of the flowing formations, then it is inauspicious: A Ba Zi has many peach blossoms, and combines with other branches A Ba Zi has many peach blossoms, and lot of water and intelligent elements A Ba Zi has many peach blossoms, and one of them occupies the hourly branch.We are talking about peach blossom. What happen here is that the pool is where deity take bath, of course naked and the 4 deity are all the Yin female deity.

So, naked female god taking bath … attractive enough?

red peach blossom bazi

More pertinent question which animal do they attract? This can easily be answer, they attract the next season directional combination element! So, Winter attract Spring attract Summer attract Autumn attract Winter … that is about all the secret. This means people that is born on those year or the Day Master is sitting on that animal. So the reverse is true, if you have any of those non cardinal animal you will be attracted to the respective peach blossom. So cardinal have a 3 to 1 attraction while non cardinal have 1 to 1 attraction.

No wonder people with peach blossom are more attractive. Great attraction come with great trouble, the more cardinal you have, the more fluctuation in your life you are going to be expecting. I see you mentioned Wu attracts Chou which is metal. But I saw Wu-Chou harm combo too.

What does it mean if there is attraction but also harm? What happens if both animals are in spouse palace? Does it mean that better not to be together if there is a harm or clash between animal spouse palaces? Thank you. Personally and for most practitioner, we ignored harm, destruction, punishment… All are emotional in nature.

You just squash them on your own mind. Combine harm just means you get something but you resent it. Do you mean only when the 4 cardinals is either in the year and day pillar the PB applies?

What if they appears in Hour or month pillar? Does it still consider a PB? When harm chou-wu is a betrayal say in the spouse palace meaning adultery committed here, how does it said to be a gain? Please enlighten me. Thanks Kevin. Talk about bath you are straight away attracted already. I have a female friend dob june 8, Rat dmhorse month, rabbit year in rooster 10yr lp. Her husband cheating, she is sick with breast problem right now, money is a problem and family life is bad either.

I dont know how she will survive… is there any hope in her life. Kinda a Jackpot situation. Standard solution, go get a religion, spirituality would help.Four pillar or Bazi has a lot of unique interpretation to understand yourself.

Kanji roots originated in China. Japanese is easier than Chinese. My friend who learned mandarin say a glimpse of Chinese kanji: 1. The ordinary Chinese people have to memorize a minimum of kanji shapes with different meanings, Kanji with the same sound but have different intonation while chanting will have different meaning 2. Students must memorize at least kanji 3. Politicians have to memorize a minimum of kanji.

Japanese Kanji share some same shapes with Chinese kanji, but some are different.

Category: Peach Blossom Luck

In Japan, inevitably we have to memorize hiragana and katakana as a basis to understand how to read huge numbers of kanji that have complex shapes. For that reason, hiragana and katakana is used to translate the kanji to easily understand what it means: 1. Hiragana and katakana are limited in number Their total approximately forms. Hiragana is used by Japanese people to sound a kanji that originated in Japan.

Katakana is used is used to describe something name, details, etc. Example: the name of another country, the name of a stranger, an international hotel name, place name in google maps, etc. Each kanji will be accompanied by the corresponding hiragana or katakana for people to know how that kanji sounds and then knowing the meaning of the kanji.

Just scroll downward, and then see image like this:. Above is the 10 Bazi Profile of Madonna. This 10 Bazi Profile can explain why Madonna is famous for her influence and wealth. For musicians, her wealth is tremendeous compare to her peers.

The top profile will be your main profile, as it is like your default behavior, your default mindset. And the second to the top will be your sub profile, the sub profile influences your way of thinking not as much as the main profile, take it like this.A reader sent me a great list of questions about Peach Blossom Stars to answer. But back to the Peach Blossom. A little Peach Blossom is regarded as a good thing.

By a little, I mean ONE. One Peach Blossom star means that you are irregardless of your true physical appearance an attractive person in the sense that people are drawn to you, enjoy your company, or find you pleasant and personable. Obviously in the relationships game, having an attraction star is a favourable thing. Getting a date is a lot easier if someone is willing and keen to talk to you in the first place and finds you pleasant company right?

Hence, people in front-facing jobs sales, marketing, customer service usually benefit from having a Peach Blossom star in the chart. It is simple positive and favourable to have. Each position exerts a different effect obviously. The answer to this question very largely depends on what you want to use the Peach Blossom star for. Obviously the Personal Peach Blossom star is superior in terms of your ability to utilise it compared to having a Peach Blossom star in your chart that is not your personal Peach Blossom Star.

Incidentally, you can have more than one since it is based on your Year and Day Branch. However, a Peach Blossom star, seeing as it is quite useful, is better than none. But obviously, a Personal Peach Blossom star is better than a non-personal one. Also, would each peach blossom display differently? Or is peach blossom JUST peach blossom luck? Say,if one has a peach blossom star as a rabbit and the other one has the rat… How is it portrayed differently?

So, their Peach Blossom Star will manifest in the manner of the Rob Wealth star ie: gift of the gab, ability to charm through conversation or speaking or in social situations, a person who converts friends in to relationships and back again easily. The general approach to Peach Blossom is that its an attraction star.

But when you put in the 10 Gods, you get a more specific interpretation and understanding of HOW that star works for that person best and in what situations and environments. Whoa, I missed that one.

What palace? Could this somehow be linked to the Peach Blossom? I am 22 and have never had a relationship. Do you still read a non-personal peach blossom star as having the same effects of having it as a personal one?

I read somewhere it means attraction from the husband. What does it mean is a very wide ranging question — see what I mean about not asking proper questions?

It can mean many things depending on the question being asked.

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