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Shekhar Kapur born 6 December [1] is an Indian film directoractorand producer, known for his works in Hindi cinema [2] and international cinema. Part of the Anand familyKapur became known in Bollywood with his recurring role in the TV series Khandan in the mids and his directorial debut in the cult Bollywood film Masoom inwhich won the Filmfare Critics Award for Best Movie for that year, [3] before gaining widespread success with the science fiction film Mr.

India The nephew of famous Indian actor Dev Anandhe was discouraged from getting into films by his father. Shekhar is the only son of his parents and he has three sisters. One of his sisters, Neelu, was the first wife of actor Navin Nischolwhile another sister, Aruna, is the wife of actor Parikshit Sahni. His third and youngest sister is Sohaila Kapur.

Kapur's schooling was at Modern SchoolNew Delhi. Stephen's College. Shekhar Kapur started his career working with a multinational oil company. He moved to the United Kingdom inand spent several years working as an accountant and management consultant. They split in Medha later married popular bhajan singer Anup Jalota she was his third wife.

She died on November 25, at a hospital in New York City of liver failure following a second heart and first kidney transplant. Kapur then married Suchitra Krishnamoorthian Indian actress, writer, painter and singer in They are divorced.

They have a daughter named Kaveri Kapur. The plot followed the story of an illegitimate boy who struggles to find acceptance from his stepmother. He then directed the science-fiction film Mr. Puri's most famous dialogue in this film "Mogambo Khush Hua" is still remembered.

Kapur was infamous for abandoning several films he was originally the director of. Inhe had shot some scenes for Barsaatwhich was originally titled Champion [22] and was going to be the debut film of Bobby Deolbut he left the production and was replaced by Rajkumar Santoshi.

Inhe was set to direct the science-fiction film titled Time Machinewhich was to star Aamir KhanRaveena TandonNaseeruddin Shah and Rekhabut he abandoned the project halfway through due to financial problems. The film was left incomplete, although there were talks many years later that Kapur would revive the project with a new cast, which never happened. On the show, which aims to bring never-seen-before facets of Indian history, he was the narrator.

Inhe received international recognition for the second time after Bandit Queenwhen he directed the Academy Award -winning period film Elizabetha fictional account of the reign of British Queen Elizabeth I nominated for seven Oscars.

However, he denied being anti-British and stated that he was merely "anti-colonisation". Kapur was the executive producer of the film The Guru. InKapur worked with Okan Quail on Hunji!

Although it gained some [ who? InKapur formed Liquid Comics and Virgin Animation, an entertainment company focused on creating new stories and characters for a global audience. He was a member of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in May He has announced that he will direct Little Dragonan authorized biopic of martial arts legend Bruce Lee.

He planned to adapt Larklighta book by Philip Reeve. Kapur traveled to YerevanArmenia to explore the possibility of making a film about the Armenian Genocide. In an interview with Associated ContentKapur announced he is no longer attached to Larklight. He is set to direct Paani. One of his shelved projects was a film tentatively titled The Nine o'Clock Warwhich he had planned with his longtime friend and previous collaborator, the Australian actor Heath Ledger in the role of a popular television news anchor.Born into a Sikh Punjabi family which had earlier been involved in revolutionary activities against the British Raj, as a teenager Singh studied European revolutionary movements and was attracted to anarchist and marxist ideologies.

He spent his childhood in the village Bhabhra when his father was serving in the erstwhile estate of Alirajpur.

Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj Wiki, Age, Wife, Family, Biography & More

Lakshmi Bai, the Rani of Jhansi was the queen of the Maratha-ruled princely state of Jhansi, situated in the northern part of India. She was one of the leading figures of the Indian Rebellion of and a symbol of resistance to the rule of the British East India Company in the subcontinent. His father Trailokyanath Basu was the revenue agent of the town of the Nadazol province.

His mother was Lakshmipriya Devi. Ramachandra Pandurang Tope — 18 Aprilpopularly known as Tatya Tope was an Indian leader in the Indian Rebellion of and one of its more renowned generals. He was a personal adherent of Nana Sahib of Kanpur.

He progressed with the Gwalior contingent after the British reoccupation of Kanpur and forced General Windham to retreat from Kanpur. Bose was one of the most prominent leaders in the Indian independence movement and is a legendary figure in India today. Ram Prasad Bismil 11 June — 19 December [1] was an Indian revolutionary who participated in Mainpuri Conspiracy ofand the Kakori conspiracy ofboth against British Empire.

As well as being a freedom fighter, he was also a patriotic poet. Ram, Agyat and Bismil were known as his pen names which he used in Urdu and Hindi poetry. He was the proponent of liberty as the ultimate ideal. Savarkar was a poet, writer and playwright. He launched a movement for religious reform advocating dismantling the system of caste in Hindu culture, and reconversion of the converted Hindus back to Hindu religion. Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh along with Chandrasekhar Azad, Rajguru and Sukhdev, were the more famous names out of scores of young firebrand freedom fighters in the early part of 20th-century India.

Rajguru was born in a place named Khed near Pune. It was later renamed as Rajgurunagar in his honor. He is best known as a colleague of Bhagat Singh and Sukhdev in the murder of a British police officer J. Saunders at Lahore. Nana Sahib bornborn as Dhondu Pant was a rebel Indian leader during the Indian Rebellion of who played a part in two massacres of British troops and civilians.

Lala Lajpat Rai 28 January — 17 Novemberwas an Indian author, freedom fighter and politician who is chiefly remembered as a leader in the Indian fight for freedom from the British Raj. He sustained serious injuries by the police when leading a non-violent protest against the Simon Commission and died less than three weeks later. Ashfaqulla Khan 22 October — 19 December was a Muslim freedom fighter in the Indian independence movement The revolutionaries felt that soft words of non violence could not win India its Independence and therefore they wanted to make use of bombs, revolvers and other weapons to instill fear in the hearts of the Britishers living in India.

Babu Kunwar Singh was nearly eighty and in failing health when he was called upon to take up arms. The great warrior that he was, he gave a good fight and harried British forces for nearly a year and remained invincible till the end. The minister of British forces who named Dougles Shot in the hands of Kunwar Singh while he was crossing the the ganga river.

So as a gift of ganga he cut his hand and threw it. Know More. Shifuji on Facebook. Grandmaster Shifuji Shaurya Bhardwaj.Anantha Shekhar, MD, PhD, a nationally recognized educator, researcher and entrepreneur with major contributions in medicine and life sciences, has been named senior vice chancellor for the health sciences and John and Gertrude Petersen Dean of the School of Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.

His start date is set for June I could not be more excited to welcome Anantha into our community, and I am already looking forward to his arrival in June. In addition, he has received continuous funding from the National Institutes of Health for basic, clinical and translational research since and has authored more than articles in peer-reviewed publications. Shekhar will succeed Arthur S. Levine, MD, who has announced his intent to transition to a new research role within the University.

Romoff, president and chief executive officer of UPMC. Shekhar, who was born in India, earned his medical degree from St. He and his wife, Dr. Gina Laite, have two children. Cudd, PhD, provost and senior vice chancellor, University of Pittsburgh, chair of search committee. Shekhar is a true scholar with very broad interests and expertise who excels at essentially everything in which he is involved. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated great facility and respect for all types of science along the fundamental, basic science to translational-clinical spectrum.

His research accomplishments and research leadership and administrative skills are clearly at the very top nationally. He is well known and widely respected in the national CTSI arena and in the interprofessional practice and training community.

shaurya shekhar (sshekhar4)

He has a rich and diverse experience to bring to the position, and we are looking forward to working with him to forge new and deepen existing efforts under his leadership. We are fortunate that he is coming to Pitt. He values interdisciplinary approaches to the integration of science, education and health care and understands how this approach will directly benefit individuals, communities and populations.

Anantha Shekhar is a superb choice to capitalize on the remarkable success we have had over the past plus years with a research-focused effort to make Pitt one of the very best institutions in the country while capitalizing on even more team-based care and science.

Given his experience in leading collaborative and interdisciplinary health science teams, we are excited to have him join us at Pitt. He has also led one of the most successful clinical research collaborations in the U. Notice of Non Discrimination. Skip to main content. Demonstrating a novel mechanism of action—the first in more than 70 years—that is being developed as a new approach to treating schizophrenia.

Forming two commercial incubators within the Indiana Clinical and Translational Sciences Institute—one for therapeutics and another for medical devices—that currently host more than 15 companies in various stages of commercialization.

Additional praise for Dr. Schools: Graduate School of Public Health. School of Dental Medicine. School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences. School of Medicine. School of Nursing. School of Pharmacy.Hess, MD, PhD. He conducts numerous foundation supported studies, including being the principal investigator of the longitudinal study of disease risk factors in Indiana population, supported by the Fairbanks Institute of Indiana.

His translational work has centered on developing novel treatment targets for major psychiatric disorders in patients with panic disorder and schizophrenia.

He is also Director of the Neuroscience Clinical Research Center at Indiana University School of Medicine, a fully staffed inpatient psychiatric research unit, for the last eight years, where many novel early phase psychopharmacology discovery and drug development studies are conducted in partnership with the pharmaceutical and biotech industry. Find a doctor. Email ashekhar iu. Phone Johns Medical College. Board Certifications.

Looking for patient care? To schedule an appointment with a faculty member physician of IU School of Medicine, contact Indiana University Health at or use the physician finder by clicking the button below.Shaurya confronts Kangana, who says she is planning for a surprise party with Karan.

Meanwhile, Durga arrives in the Goenka house, where she praises Dev to make Shaurya jealous. Shaurya feels Dev is trying to impress Durga and decides to murder him. Meanwhile, Shaurya hires a contract killer to murder Dev. Sakshi decides to host a party and invites Shekhar. Episode 71 Durga confronts Shekhar for not inviting her for his wedding. Shekhar tells Sakshi Durga has changed. Sakshi gives Shekhar a chance to prove the same. Meanwhile, Shaurya sends his associates to kill Dev and Gautam.

Episode 73 Dev learns the accident had been planned to kill him. Will Dev find his attackers? However, a suspicious Shaurya plots to kill him. Episode 75 Dev informs Durga that Nitya presented the locket to him. Meanwhile, Shekhar learns Durga has been hospitalised but is unable to find her. Sakshi fails to get information from Dr Kane, who operated on Durga. Durga misleads Shekhar about her identity and challenges him to prove her true identity within 24 hours. He comes to the Goenka House and claims Durga is an impostor.

The Goenka family pretends to support Durga, and Sakshi slaps Shekhar. They throw Shekhar out, but Durga confronts the Goenkas for allowing him to question her identity.

Rajnath advises Sakshi to stay away from Durga, but in vain. Payal recollects Dev; Durga is surprised. Dev apologises to Dr Dayal and Durga, and mends their relationship.

Meanwhile, Durga and Dev visit the Goenka house. Durga apologises to Rajnath and Sakshi. Episode 83 Durga suspects Shaurya behind the extortion calls; feels Dev is in danger and that someone is trying to trap Dev.Channels in this post: Star Life. Only TVSA members can reply to this thread. Click here to login or register. New on TV today: Sunday 19 April. New on TV today: Saturday 18 April.

shaurya shekhar (sshekhar4)

Lord of the Skies 6 Teasers - May The war between cartels begins. Also, Aurelio is shot and lands up in hospital near death. Teasers - May Ndumiso fears for his life. Also, Romeo's outrageous plan seems to be working! Lithapo Teasers - April With teasers for the rest of April New on TV today: Friday 17 April. Road to Destiny Teasers - May Two marriages falling apart and one new life on the way Shadows from the Past Teasers - May A death and a letter speaking of money.

Shaurya Shekhar

Secrets at the Hotel Teasers - May Along Came Love Teasers - May The wine and the vineyard workers are poisoned on separate occasions. View My Profile.

shaurya shekhar (sshekhar4)

My Galleries. My Blogs. My Favourites. Edit My Account Settings. Edit My Profile. My Messages. Latest Updated Shows. Show Reviews. Show Videos. TAMS Ratings. Upcoming Shows. Show Pictures. Show Message Boards. Talk Shows. Actors Home. Actor Pictures. Actor Videos.This month I took a decision of making a train trip with Shaurya to Nagpur, all by myself.

Debbaki Poye Poye Full Video Song - Andhagadu Video Songs - Raj Tarun, Hebah Patel - Sekhar

Even though many concerned people advising against the 'adventure', I decided to take that trip. I was partly excited and partly nervous. Excitement because it was my 1st trip with Shaurya in the train without Shekhar, Nervousness as you all can guess, because of questions that were still unanswered:. But I think Shaurya realized that he had to be a "good boy" and indeed he was.

It took one Ice-cream though. With that, Shaurya was nice through out the journey. No tantrums, no running around - just a good 2 year old kid.

He made me feel, more strongly that having confidence in oneself, one can do anything. Nagpur trip was full of get-togethers. Some at my in-laws place, rest with my cousins at different locations.

Shaurya was the center of attraction, because he talked a lot in this trip. He had started making sentences in the last couple of weeks, and he put that to use perfectly on this trip. All my cousins imitated him. Annoying at times, but fun many times. Search this site. Post date: Jul 30, AM. Excitement because it was my 1st trip with Shaurya in the train without Shekhar, Nervousness as you all can guess, because of questions that were still unanswered: What if that annoying crying child in the train is 'm.

What if he he does not sit the whole time. What if he does not sleep through the night.

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