Suzuki quadsport 50 carb adjustment

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suzuki quadsport 50 carb adjustment

How do you tighten a chain on a Suzuki lt 50? Wiki User There are four 4 8mm bolts that hold the rear axle assembly onto the chasis. Loosen all four bolts. The chain adjusters are located on the two bottom bolts. Turn the chain adjuster nut 6mm on the chain adjuster clockwise to tighten the chain making sure that you are evenly adjusting each adjuster the same to keep the axle square to the frame.

It has an automatic chain tensioner. I believe the alt is 3 wheels and the lt is 4. Not Asked in Suzuki Motorcycles How do you derestrict suzuki lt 80 quad? How can restrict a suzuki lt80 transport. Asked in Suzuki How do you derestrict suzuki lt 50 quad? Take the washer out in the exhaust Regards, Crimpy There is also a re stricter in the intake Asked in WWE Smackdown vs.

Raw How do you drag people on svr ? Lt and Lb What is the valve clearence for a lt Asked in Suzuki, Suzuki Motorcycles How do you adjust chain on lt ef suzuki quadrunner?Registration is fast and you can even login with social network accounts to sync your profiles and content.

I'm trying to fix my atv that had been sitting for awhile and wouldn't start. First I drained and cleaned the fuel tank and pitcock and checked for good fuel flow. Next I pulled the carb. The unit will start and idle fine but will not rev up unless I partialy block the throat of the carb. Please help I've run out of ideas. So far I have only found 1 adj screw that seems to only effect the low speed circuit.

Is there another adjustment i may be overlooking. Give Cheriah a PM she is excellent with carbs! Also see if Oxidized Black has a shop manual for your bike. Yeah tonight is name dropping! Make sure you have the air filter on when checking your carb.

That is why you have to block the carb intake because with the air filter on it is going to change the amount of air it will take in. To My Quad Repair. Yeah I've already tried it with the air filter and air filter box cover back on. You can post now and register later. If you have an account, sign in now to post with your account.

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suzuki quadsport 50 carb adjustment

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Suzuki LT-Z50 Service Manual

Suzuki ATV Forum. Search In. Do you own an ATV? Join our Forum! Recommended Posts. Posted May 15, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The air fuel. Posted May 15, edited.

Carburetor for Suzuki LT80 Quadsport ATV

Edited May 15, by abobeau.Carburetor adjustment does not require an engineering degree, but some mechanical ability is necessary.

Whether it is a stock or aftermarket carburetor, you will need to consider the temperature, altitude and humidity as these can have an effect on how well it is set up. These environmental factors determine how the fuel-to-air mixture runs through the carburetor. For example, in a higher altitude there is less air for your motor and the fuel-to-air mixture will be richer.

Thus, your carburetor will need to be adjusted to accomodate less air in the atmosphere. Adjust the idle speed by locating the small spring-loaded screw which is usually located next to the throttle control. If you have a tachometer, turn the screw until you reach an idle speed between and rpm. If you do not have a tachometer, set it for a low idle speed; not so slow that the engine stumbles or stalls, but not so fast that the clutch won't try to engage and move the vehicle forward.

Adjust the fuel-to-air ratio FTA by locating the slotted idle mixture screw near the air-cleaner side of the carburetor. With the engine off, turn the screw all the way in counting the number of turns it takes.

This is your baseline, if you are not happy with the adjustments. Turn the screw back to the baseline, start the engine and let it warm up for five to ten minutes. Count how many turns this takes. Divide this number in half to find out where the optimal point is.

Turn the screw in that number of turns. You may have to go back and adjust the idle speed screw if the idle is now too fast. Based in New Jersey, Tamara Walton has been writing articles and poetry since Her articles have appeared in "Bowhunter" magazine and her poetry in anthologies published by the Library of Congress.

suzuki quadsport 50 carb adjustment

Items you will need Screwdrivers Carburetor needle Tachometer. About the Author. Photo Credits.Registration is fast and you can even login with social network accounts to sync your profiles and content. If I do that the motor doesn't want to start or stay running I'll take the carb off tomorrow to count to know for sure. To get the motor running I hard to turn the pilot screw out quite a bit, and turned the idle speed screw in quite a bit I didn't hook up an inductive tach to know what it is idling at, but does sound about right.

What should the idle speed adjustment screw initially be set at the one that has the black cable sheath with a knob you can twist easily? I am using a slotted screw driver bit normally goes into a driver by hand.

Yes I thought a good job clearing out all of the passages, but the carb was SO varnished up there could still be crap in the passage I put in the new pilot screw and turned it 2. Installed the carb and worked on gett the motor started, so messed with the pilot screw Once I was through, the hole was actually smaller than the orifice, I could see some brass still there Under a bore scope, which magnifies pretty well, I could see the orifice wasn't boogered up.

As far as the 5 turns, it is just a guess as I was doing this with the engine running and getting my hands burned I'll take off the carb after work to see actually how many turns I'm out currently. Right now it takes a lot of cranking to get it running and messing with choke.

When warmed up it revs easy enough I'm not riding it yet, just neutralwhen i left off the gas and let it idle a bit then turn it off it back fires through the exhaust if that is helpful information.

What do you think of the following to adjust the idle mixture ie pilot screw? Assuming I find a way to turn the pilot screw without burning myself anymore.

NOTE: I'm not seeing a fuel pump mentioned in the service manual When on PRI just gravity fed. UGH just rethinking the vacuum port on the carb Just checked the pilot screw of turns out and it was only 3.Post a Comment.

Individuals using this Suzuki LT-Z50 repair manual should possess basic knowledge of tools and mechanical theory. The Suzuki LT-Z50 mechanic should carefully read and become familiar with the service procedures before beginning work. Some procedures in this Suzuki LT-Z50 downloadable manual may require the use of special tools. Its recommended to only use the exact tools, as specified in this Suzuki LT-Z50 manual.

Most tools if needed can be rented at local or online parts stores. This Suzuki LT-Z50 service manual includes procedures for part remove, assembly and install. This Suzuki LT-Z50 repair manual was prepared using the latest data available at the time of publication. However, extreme care was taken to ensure all data in this Suzuki LT-Z50 repair guide is technically correct, and this manual should be considered the only source for sound repair advice.

The Suzuki LT-Z50 manual is no different then a manual you'd buy in stores. All repair procedures in this Suzuki LT-Z50 service manual are organized in sequential, step-by-stop order.

The data in this Suzuki LT-Z50 manual was compiled to provide the mechanic a handy reference thats easy to read, and a Suzuki LT-Z50 manual that contains comprehensive explanations of all removal, assembly, repair, overhaul and inspection operations. Troubleshooting sections in this Suzuki LT-Z50 manual are provided in each appropriate chapter. There's nothing this Suzuki LT-Z50 factory service manual doesn't cover.

From maintenance procedures to complete engine overhaul, this Suzuki LT-Z50 manual covers it all. The following list is a TINY sample of repair operations you'll learn how to do:.

Buy Suzuki LT-Z50 owners service manual download pdf, after purchase you can download instantly and save the Suzuki LT-Z50 manual to your computer forever! Free up your time by fixing it right the first time. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom.Your question may be answered by sellers, manufacturers, or customers who purchased this item, who are all part of the Amazon community. Please make sure that you are posting in the form of a question.

Please enter a question. Installing a jet kit in your carb is the best way to get the maximum performance and longest life out of your bike. The stock carburetor from the factory is designed to meet Import Regulations Once you install or modify an exhaust or intake, you have put your bike into a leaner condition that will eventually destroy your engine due to heat from running lean.

If you notice any popping, you are extremely lean. Our jet kit provides the parts and installation instructions to enrich all the circuits in the carb, to fix this problem, and add performance you can feel in the seat. This is a comprehensive jet kit, addressing all throttle positions, throttle response, and each kit is custom made to your bike and its modifications. Longer Engine Life- The jet kit is a performance upgrade that allows the engine to run cooler which increases engine component life.

Lower EGT's exhaust gas temperatures If you have installed an aftermarket, or modified the stock exhaust or intake, this is needed or you will damage your engine. Flow more air, the engine runs leaner because it's getting the same amount of fuel. Running lean causes detonation and hotter EGT's which ruin exhaust valves and destroy engines.

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Not valid on auto parts purchased for commercial use.Portal Forums Photo Gallery. Any body know the basic settings for LT50 carb? I have an 85 LT On the side of the carb there are two screws.

One goes into the side of the slide throat, and the other, a little larger, is on the motor side of the slide. The first one seems to be a slide stop, controling idle speed. The other one does not seem to make much difference, unless I screw it all the way in, and then it will die. But from like a quarter turn out, to one and three quarter turns out, it barely seems to make much difference.

What are the basic settings supposed to be? By the way, it seems to be best at about half to three quarters out I think. But like I said, it's hard to tell. Re: Any body know the basic settings for LT50 carb? I think generally speaking, you want it to be between 1 and 2.

How to adjust a carburetor, jetting and mixture explained!

Is the LT50 a 4 stroke? I can't remember.


Anyway, if it's a 2 stroke it's the air screw, if it's a 4 stroke it's the fuel screw, and yeah what my bro said. All Things Moto! All times are GMT The time now is AM. Contact Us - All Things Moto! Dirtbike Forums Portal - Top.

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