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teachers toolkit

Free Newsletter Resources. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. By continuing using this site we'll assume you're OK with this. Accept Read More. Our Privacy and Cookies Policy. Necessary Always Enabled.We are living in difficult times indeed! Such a strange reality for us all and I'm sure you are having the same difficulties adjusting to it, Reading and writing without punctuation is like having an ice cream sundae without the ice cream! Maybe that's a bit over dramatic, but as teachers we know that emerging readers and writers need to become aware of and able to correctly use punctuation.

But teaching about punctuation doesn't have to How can we make learning about pronouns fun? After all, they're not the most exciting topic to learn if you're a first grader. Yet, using pronouns correctly is a basic skill for any young student in a beginning reading and writing program.

Teachers Toolkit

So it's up to us as teachers to use some of that Celebrating St. Patrick's Day in March can be so much fun! And the timing is perfect, as we're hopefully finishing up the last of winter and marching into spring. With it's colorful rainbows, leprechauns and pots of gold, St. Patrick's Day activities can help banish those winter doldrums and have us Read More about St. I can't tell you how happy I am that March has arrived - it always signals to me that spring will shortly be with us - absolutely my favorite season of the year!

Rebirth - no more words necessary here! March is another busy month at school. Flexible seating is a relatively new idea in the world of teaching and learning.

In an attempt to make our classrooms seem more like everyday life, teachers are swapping out student desks and chairs for standing desks, ball seating, couches, yoga mats and bean bags.

But what's the philosophy Are you looking for some winter STEM activities to keep your students engaged through the long winter season?Links to resources are grouped under the following headings. Ten videos introduce specific open resources. Five Keys to Comprehensive Assessment provides an overview of various types and purposes of assessment.

Technology-Integration Basics suggests how to find, evaluate, and select technology tools; manage technology in the classroom; and teach digital literacy and citizenship. Send This article to:. Enter the e-mail address of the recipient. Multiple addresses need to be separated by commas characters max.

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Welcome to Ready Teacher Toolbox!

The four resources model, teaching practices and examples, effective reading instruction. The development of emergent reading and writing skills are key outcomes of early childhood education. Practical advice about the learning and teaching of language and literacy skills from birth to five years. On each video page there are practical examples of early childhood practice and language and literacy programs.

The learning experience plans describe the teaching practices to integrate language and literacy learning across a range of learning foci. The Department of Education and Training would like to thank the staff, students and children from the following schools, early childhood centres and academics for their contribution to the design and development of content for the Literacy Teaching Toolkit:.

The Department is also indebted to the following people who provided expert review of the early childhood content and videos:.

teachers toolkit

Callow, J. Christie, F. Language, knowledge and pedagogy: Functional linguistic and sociological perspectives. London and Oakville: Continuum. School Discourse: Learning to write across the years of schooling. London: Continuum. Cox, R. Contextualising multilingualism in Australia today. English in Australia, 50 1 Cummins, J. Beyond adversarial discourse: Searching for common ground in the education of bilingual students.

Presentation to the California State Board of Education. Sacramento, California. Dempster, N.

teachers toolkit

Fang, Z. Teaching close reading with complex texts across content areas. Research in the Teaching of English, 51 1 Fisher, D. Visible learning for literacy, grades K implementing the practices that work best to accelerate student learning.

Thousand Oaks, California: Corwin Literacy. Hattie, J. Visible learning: A synthesis of over metaanalyses relating to achievement.

The GSE Teacher Toolkit

Routledge UK.I have taught 1st to 5th Grade over a 25 year span, but have been settled with 1st Grade for the last 12 years. I adore teaching this age group! I am also responsible for the management of our Special Needs Program and hope, one day, to dedicate all my time to teaching students who struggle with basic literacy skills.

I love the use of manipulatives and games to progress skills. I am motivated to address all learning styles in my lessons and to develop the thinking capabilities of my students in order that they apply taught skills to problem-solving challenges. I graduated as a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Education.

I am currently studying for my Masters Degree in Special Education and have recently qualified with a Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing. Sc with Honours in Education Dip. I dabble in graphic design and have created my own website and blogs, which keep me very busy!

Teachers Pay Teachers is an online marketplace where teachers buy and sell original educational materials. Are you getting the free resources, updates, and special offers we send out every week in our teacher newsletter? All Categories. Grade Level. Resource Type. Log In Join Us. View Wish List View Cart. Hi, You need to enable javascript on your browser to use TpT. See how this improves your TpT experience. FREE Download.

Assess the general quality of my work with this free download. Safari Rainbow Themed ClassrooUse one of the selectors below to search for your school or learning institution by school name or school zip code.

If you are a district administrator, please register with a school within your district that will be using Teacher Toolbox. Email: info cainc. Terms and Conditions of Use Privacy Policy. Yes, the Toolbox and i-Ready are separate products, so your i-Ready credentials will not work for the Toolbox. If you are not sure whether you should have access to the Toolbox along with i-Ready, check with your administrator to find out whether your school purchased access to the Toolbox.

Check with your administrator to find out how your school purchased the Toolbox. If you are using the Toolbox in conjunction with the Ready print product, you should have been shipped Teacher Toolbox Access Packs, each with a unique code.

If you bought the Toolbox to use with i-Ready, you should have received an e-mail with information on how to access the content. First, please make sure you have registered for the Toolbox and are logged in with your email address and password before you try to enter your code. As you enter your code, please make sure it appears the same as it does on your license code package e.

Also remember license codes are unique. Therefore, if someone has already redeemed that code, you may contact your administrator to see if they have additional codes or toolboxsupport cainc. Reading, Writing and Math licenses are sold separately, so please be sure that your school or district has ordered the subjects you are looking for. No, you cannot post or upload any content from the Ready Teacher Toolbox. These PDFs are provided to you on a limited permission basis.

While you may download PDFs to your computer for your own reference, you may not post or share electronic copies of any PDF files. You also may not print, copy, or share any pages from the Read Aloud Trade Books available only in reading at grades K and 1.

Copies of these materials must include all copyright, trademark and other proprietary rights notices contained on the original pages from which the copies were made. Except as specified in this paragraph, you may not reproduce, upload, post, transmit, download or distribute any part of the Ready Teacher Toolbox content or information.

Where can I access the correlations and other resources found in the front matter of my Teacher Resource Book? Click on Program Implementation at the top left of the page to see correlations and other resources found in the front of your Teacher Resource Book. When we update our Ready print materials, we keep our older materials active on the Toolbox for one additional school year, to support teachers who might be using those older materials in their classrooms, and prefer to use a Toolbox version that matches their books.

In some cases, there are no Interactive Tutorials to support a particular Ready lesson. We are always working to boost our coverage of the standards, and we plan to include more Interactive Tutorials in the future. Why do some of the Interactive Tutorials seem to be different than the Ready lesson they accompany?

Some Interactive Tutorials have different titles than the Ready lessons, often because they teach the same standards and skills in different ways or through slightly different content. Some tutorials are also designated as prerequisites and are intended to teach prerequisite skills to the standard in question.

In these cases, the titles may not match at all. Additionally, some Interactive Tutorials are correlated with more than one Ready lesson. The intent is to show that these tutorials can support the teaching of more than one Ready skill. Lessons which are new and have the pause feature enabled can easily be discerned by their thumbnail images, which are blue and feature the characters Plory and Yoop. No, the Toolbox is a teacher resource designed to provide teachers access to the Ready lessons and additional resources, which can be used for whole class or small groups to help differentiate instruction.

Lessons are conveniently organized to match your print materials, making it easy to find additional resources for teaching the skills and standards associated with each lesson.Roundpeg Comments. Teachers need both a repertoire of instructional strategies and resources for their Teacher Toolkit. The Teacher Toolkit includes hundreds of templates, tools, cheat sheets, resources, and infographics. Vocabulary A broad and wide vocabulary is highly correlated to comprehension!

Check out the many resources and templates here to build a richer and deeper word learning in your classroom. Find more word learning resources and word walls on my Pinterest page. Cheat Sheets Like Cheat Sheets? Classroom Libraries Classroom Libraries serve an important function in creating a literacy-rich environment for students. Check out the resources here and many more located on our Pinterest page.

Follow us on Pinterest to keep updated on new boards and pins! Check out the many resources and templates here to help your students learn vocabulary and comprehend nonfiction and informational text.

Follow us to keep updated on new boards and pins added weekly! Follow us on Pinterest and look for phonics ideas that may work in your literacy stations, too! Content-Area Reading Reading in the content areas requires student to engage deeply and frequently encounter new vocabulary. Click the button for resources to support your students as they read complex text. Reading Workshop Many teachers include reading workshop in their balanced literacy program. Reading workshop often includes management structures such as The Daily Five, guided reading, literacy work stations, independent reading, and read alouds.

Our Pinterest page includes specific resources in each of these areas — check out all of these resources and follow us there to keep updated on new boards and pins added weekly! Check out all the reading workshop resources here. Writing Workshop Teachers frequently include writing workshop to support their balanced literacy approach to reading and writing instruction. Writing workshop often includes using mentor texts to support teaching writing skills.

Click the button to get your writing workshop resources. Find many more resources on our Pinterest page which includes mentor texts, lots of ideas for writing centers, anchor charts and more!

Reading Curriculum Most schools and districts have committees charged with the task of choosing the next core reading program. Click the button to find resources to support your book selection process! Email Address. Home About Kimberly Dr.

Teacher Toolkit Teachers need both a repertoire of instructional strategies and resources for their Teacher Toolkit. Share this page and pass on the Teacher Toolkit to friends and followers.

Toolkit Resources Fluency Growing fluent readers is critically important to aid students in comprehending text. We have many resources here ranging from fluency rubrics even for primary students!

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